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I (like all) receive plenty of APPLICATIONS for what I'll call as "Pre-authorized" Credit Cards. I believe most would agree, that these types of mailings are readily identifiable, and always come with some sort of "FAKE / UNUSABLE / EXAMPLE" card ....

shaped like a credit or debit card would be .... BUT .... In no way a "USABLE / VALID" card. So, a few days ago I received a mailing from NETSPEND.

My initial thought ... Junk Mail. I always at least open junk mail and spot check, just in case. Well, in this case I am glad I do this because imagine my surprise finding an "ACTUAL / USABLE / VALID (upon activation)" Debit Card.

(I'm going to assume this comment will be understood and agreed upon by the vast majority of those who read this review) .. when I say this: I was extremely pissed off because it is bad enough that "we" receive unrelenting *** phone scamming solicitations, but now "we" have to be annoyed by the bothersome, putting it mildly, crap. I for one take this *** seriously given I have absolutely no idea WTF kind or amount of my personal information a company like NETSPEND, who I add is the first time I've ever encountered a situation as I am commenting on, has on me. That said, perhaps not all would take it to this level but I've every intention of calling this outfit 'TO GIVE THEM THE WHAT FOR'.

HOWEVER, much more importantly, I intend to ensure that their "carte blanche action" of issuing me an unsolicited Debit Card HAS or WILL HAVE ANY NEGATIVE EFFECTS ON MY CREDIT RATING, which may sound to some as overkill, but s in no way an issue outside the realm of the overall issue.

In closing, I am so very happy I found the reviews on this website by others with their warnings and for me affirmation of my gut feelings about NETSPEND. Written by: Carmella F.

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Customer Care.

Reason of review: Unsolicited issuance of Visa Card .

Preferred solution: NETSPEND written confirmation that the Debit Card Account is completely eliminated from all records!! .

I didn't like: Netspend, Cheating consumers, Poor service.

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