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My tax provider signed me on to recieve my tax return via NetSpend (bigest mistake ever!) I was email that my account was blocked and my tax return woyld be sent back if i didnt call to see what the block was about. So i called & spoke with a male representitive who told me ALL NETSPEND custumers are required to send jn a photo copy of thier birth certificate, ssi, & photo id (, Lie #1 ) He then gave me a fax number which was completely WRONG!

I ended up having to call back when a female rep. Told me that the info i was told to fax was unnecessary. She than unblocked my account an issued me a "new card". Weeks later still no netspend card.

I called today & a female rep. By the name of Mandy lies to me once again and tells me that if i go Purchase a temporary Netspend card i'll be able to transfer the funds from the account with the card i never recieved. Of course i go purchase t $4.95 card which cant be purchased with out 1st adding atleast $20 to. I call back and a female rep.

Named Joy tells me i cant transfer the funds because i didnt activate the initial card THAT I NEVER *** RECIEVED IN THE 1ST PLACE. In other words NetSpend is full of ***. When my card does come im removing all myoney & NEVER EVER DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN.

To much hassle and thr reps. Arent trained well enough !

Review about: Netspend Account.

Monetary Loss: $2954.

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Oxford, Massachusetts, United States #622915

We understand your frustration in regards to the request of further verification but it is meant to protect not only your account, but your identity as well.

Please send your information to feedback@netspend.com and we will see what can be done about getting you a card and/or access to your funds.

Thank you,


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