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I bought the prepaid card, I have $40 of MY money in this *** card they refuse to activate until we send them a copy of my ss# and birth certificate. That is MY MONEY on that card, why should I have to send them information!?

I attempted to activate my card online and kept encountering problems. So, I attempted to call. They said they can't activate it under birthday and ss# because my boyfriend bought the card under his birthday. That's ridiculous.

They won't take it out of my name and place it under his because they can't change the file in the system.


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I’ve been wanting something for awhile, and I bought a card, underaged. The store let me buy it, not telling me I have to give my SS and I have to be over 18 to activate it.

Why is the store allowed to sell it to me if I can’t use it? I just wasted over $40.


I called, told them to close my account and send me a check. I got the operator's name, employee number, and am recording the date and time in case there are any issues.

I was told my check would be here in 3 t0 5 business days.

Good luck everyone, and thank you to whoever suggested closing the account and requesting a check! You are the best!!!


I just filed a complaint to the BBB. Maybe if enough of us do that, we can make something happen.


My son is having the same issue. They won't activate his card.

He put money on it at the store and now they want his SS#, and both my husband and I's #s too!

Why would I give some company my SS# !!!!!! No way!


I'm having the same issue ,can't activate it


I got the prepaid visa in the mail 4 days after I filed. I went to activate it and it was encountering problems.

I called the number and they told me that that card wasn't the card my deposit would go onto. I asked why they would even send it then and they said it was basically a card to transfer funds onto.. (I wasn't quite clear on this because I can never understand wtf they are saying). So after a few weeks of not receiving my REAL card in the mail I put in to be sent a new card.

That was last week. The card still has not come. I received an email stating that my deposit hit my account. I then created an online account USING THE CARD INFO THEY INITIALLY SENT ME...and it says my balance is the deposit I was supposed to receive.

I once again tried activating it and of course it won't let me....i tried calling the number on the card 50 times today from different phones and each time it says they are unable to complete the call.

One time it said there was heavy call volume and that was the reason. Idk wtf to do


Oh, my god, the same thing happened to me. Why is there even issues with activating a card? I'm so pissed too.


Just brought a Netspend Card on Sunday. Tried to activate the card today on the phone and online and both ways would not work.

On top of that, when i finally got through with someone it was a lady who barely spoke english. She told me after 5 minutes that i had to send a picture of myself with documentation of my ssc and a birth certifcate to send it into the mail and then theyd activate my card. I am so pissed off right now.

ALL of this and then they want to charge you 50 cent a minutue. I hate this card company.


Wish I wouldn't have bought this piece of caca I'm pissed af! What now!?

Am I just gone lose 80$ because y'all dumb *** people don't want to activate it!? What I'm confused is it says it's activated yet I called the number and it's says it's waiting for some papers WHAT PAPERS!

I NEED MY MONEY BACK! I can't even use it or get the money out till it's "activated"!

to Pissed af #1432569

i agree


i am trying to actvie my netspend debit visa card that i got in the mail yesterday


I hate these bastards, put 50 dollars on a card i cant *** use! they want ss card id and bc. why the *** do they want them.


NetSpend is bull****. I shouldn't have to send in my ID or something with proof of address when I JUST gave them my information. Including my SS!!


They will send you a refund check for the amount on the card. At least they told me they would be sending it to me in the next 7-10 days.





Can't activate ours either. He's already set for direct deposit can we change it before he gets paid?


I just bought a card worth $200. They would not allow me to activate it online or over the phone.

Now they want me to call customer service which are not open. I bought the card in order to make a payment which has to be paid before 8AM! The CS office doesn’t open until 9:00!

Net spend is nothing but a *** SCAM!!! I WILL be getting my money back or they’ll be hearing from my attorney!


I put $20 on a netspend card. I tried to activate it online and it referred me to the 800 number.

I called them and gave them my name social security number address, and amount I put on the card. They said they still couldnt activate it until I sent a photo I.D. and a freaking utility bill with my address on it! Im so pissed off!

They want me to jump through hoops to spend $20 freaking dollars! I told them to go to *** and send me my money back. They said they would but it will take 7 to 10 business days for me to get MY MONEY BACK!!.

They are a scam and a fraud and should not be allowed to sell this b.s. in stores.


I am having the same activation problem. I was told that my card had conditional circumstances could not activate.

So now I can't access my money. Smh

to Brandon shell #1412590

This is ridiculous as it happened to me as well. Ask them to send you a check and close the account!

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