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I purchased the net spend card specifically to have my income tax refund direct deposited to my card. When I went to get my money the pay station says there is a $11 fee for getting my money.

I have had other Netspend cards and no problem.

I went to the pay station because I understood with direct deposit you get free withdrawals. This card I purchased on my own before income tax season started, thinking I would be ahead of the game.Also I still have not received my permanent card either, called customer service you cannot talk to live person-some customer service

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Try a kroger grocery store.customer service


Is there a place where I can get money from my visa in Hemet and/of Perris CA at an ACE store


This sounds like a fee that the paystation is charging and not NetSpend. I would check around because I know NetSpend has several locations you can load and withdraw money.

Some may do it for free but most will charge a fee.

Not getting through to customer service is a little frustrating.

Has it been over 10 business days since you ordered a card, I know that it can take a while.

I wish you luck!


I had my card for 4 years. I never had a problem until 4 months ago.

It kept locking me out, i had to call them like 6 times and fax a copy of my social sercurity card & birth cert to them, to resume my account. I couldn't withdraw money or use with my own money. I haven't used it since, until today having only 43.oo in there. i saw they charge me almost 6.00 maintance fee, for what?

It's enough they charge a 1.00 everytime you use it.

So now I'm just planning to let it go, not worth the headache & the extra expense. it just costs too much, and it when you really need to use it, it happen a few times that I couldn't log in.

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