I didn't know I had to send in proof of my I'd, social security number and a bill in order to apply for netspend I have a paypal card and I thought it was reloadable with netspend but I can't use it because they saI'd that I need to send in that infomation inorder to use that card I would like a full refund of the 30 dollars that I put in my paypal card to use for my paypal card I'm really upset about not being ablut to use my card I wish that you would solve this problem because I'm really upset and I need my money back this is not how I excepted this to be I'm want to talk to som eone about this but I have to send in prersonal information just to usey own money this is so sad please somebody help me with this problem thank you so much

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #658941

Netspend is full of *** and i'M filing suit!My money was taken of my card at an atm around May 1st 2013.I contacted them they said it would take 10 buisness days.So after 10 days I contact them again they said I did'nt send in documents within that time frame(No one every told me to send in anything)so they could not issue me a provisional credit!So they told me ten more days,yesterday made the 10th day,now they said 14days.I have all the messages they sent me to prove they are *** liars and are playing with my money ans waisting my time.When I get my money back I closing this account! I have reported them to the FTC and BBB!I also have a lawyer that will be contacting them monday! 8)


We understand your concern regarding our verification process.

Like other financial companies, we are required by our bank, as well as MasterCard and Visa associations, to be compliant with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and BSA (Bank Secrecy Act) laws. Both laws require that all financial institutions verify the identity of each account holder.

Please send your information to feedback@netspend.com and we will make sure this is addressed.

Thank you,


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