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I have never experienced a situation such as this with any credit card company. Netspend has not released funds back to my account after I cancelled a transaction for $444.04 with QVC over two weeks ago. However, I contacted QVC - they do not hold the funds it is immediately released back to the card. And after my first conversation with Ralph, they needed documentation from QVC and myself stating the transaction was cancelled. Well I've done both. Qvc Faxed documentation on their letterhead to Metabank Netspend on the 24th of April 2014 @2:33 PM TO 866.753.6324 and I emailed a screenshot on the 25th of the cancelled transaction. Come to find out the fax number listed for Netspend where people send cancellations to is not valid and needs to be updated.

So they have been notified. I kept getting the run around from the customer service reps and apparently managers/supervisors are too busy to speak with their customers. Get this on Friday I spoke with a supervisor by the name of Michael who could not give out his last name of rep Id. Was very unprofessional and un-accommodating. Basically he hung up on me.

Netspend ask that you call to receive assistance before making a complaint via the web, but they do NOT provide customer service. They want a letter from qvc stating they will not claim the funds, it's been well over 2 weeks they have not claimed the funds by now the transaction has been cancelled AND THEY ARE NOT GOING TO REQUEST THE FUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe because they advertise mainly to minorities (black) they figure they can hold people's money hostage and do what ever they want. The account specialist if they have problems with the documentation I am sending and I am disputing as a customer informing them of the cancellation and concerned he money has not been returned to my account, as part of their job - they should be investigating and contacting the merchant to confirm my dispute and immediately return my funds to my card. But NO, they have me as a customer do their jobs for them. This is BS AND POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM AND POOR JOB TRAINING. A BAD REFLECTION OF A CREDIT CARD COMPANY WHO IS SUPPOSEDLY HELPING THE PUBLIC.


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We apologize for the problems you have experienced with the pending transaction on your account.

Unfortunately, we are not notified when a merchant has cancelled a transaction.

In some cases, we may need to see proof that the authorization will not be collected.

Hopefully, this issue has already been resolved, but please feel free to contact us at should you have any other concerns.

Thank you,


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