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I rented a car. Paid in advance for the rental and the company placed an additional hold on my card.

Because I have anytime alerts, I found out that Netspend also placed an additional $164.24 hold on my card. They lied and said it wasn't them but the rental company. They then said that it was them and that it was placed there for incedentals...but isn't that why the rental company place an additonal hold on my card in the first place????? This really placed me in a bind.

I was counting on every dime because I was leaving town. I am cancelling this card ASAP. They told me that they would refund it if I had the rental company send in the contract and documents saying that they were only charging me a certain amount. Well that was a lie.

I called back and asked to speak with a supervisor who lied again. Please do not get this card.

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We understand your concern regarding the hold placed on your car rental authorization.

NetSpend will place a 15% hold on any rental authorizations to cover any incidentals (gasoline, damage, etc.) The hold is automatically released when the merchant collects on the transaction. If the merchant will not be collecting on the authorization, we can release it with a copy of the closed contract.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We know it can be very frustrating when money is not available on your account. Please send your information to feedback@netspend.com and we will assist you with concerns you may have regarding this.

Thank you,

NetSpend Corporation

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