Money from va disability somehow didnt show up...called the treasury and told me they sent the check to my netspend account but suprise suprise it never posted...an unauthorized purchase was made...no effort was made ro put the money back in my account...they wont let me touch my own money until my new card comes i ...i cant transfer it to another bank. Has to be aomeone with a netspend account which im sure there is very little of...was in an emergency needing access to my money and all they cohld do was say sorry...needless to say when my card comes in i will be switching banks...customer service doea not exist with netspend and i would hope no one signs up with them. They are liars and take your money.

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Bay Shore, New York, United States #839987

I have the same problem with my va disability deposit. I check ebenefits.

It states clearly that it was sent out...then it never gets posted until I call the va itself and have them trace it. EVERY CHECK!!! I am still tracing the one from May 1st. And its funny to see that they send us vets the same "we understand your frustration" letter.

What a crock. They are theives that steal from single moms, have people lose their houses and disabled vets. How much lower can these scumbags go??? They have no soul.

I've file a complaint on bbb and initiated an investigation on them thru the va because they are doing this to thousands of us vets out there. *** they are.


We understand your frustration regarding the unauthorized transaction made on your account.

We can assure you that we will do everything we can to get your money returned. For security reasons, your card will be blocked to prevent any additional unauthorized use.

Please send your information to feedback@netspend.com and we will make sure this is addressed.

Thank you,


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