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I just want to say that netspend has very bad customer service. This is the second time netspend has took money off my card.

When i try to solve the problem they act dumb. I've asked that they transfer me to supervisors they talk around it, also around 4pm eastern time i was told that the department needed to activate my new card was closed. i am still on hold with these people it is now 7:21pm.

i've asked is there somewhere where i can complain online they told me no. They told me theres no way to get my money beck.

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I too am a victim of netspend not returning my money that was taken out of my account,they stated that i needed to submit several pages of paperwork which i did three times by fac and one by email and they still are stateing that they didnt recive it,i even went as far as calling mastercard themselves being that is what the card is and apperantly they dont handle there own logos buissness. they transfered me to meta bank which in reality is netspend.

the coustomer service representatives at net spend gave me the wrong telephione number it was a 11 diget number and the lady swore it was correct, the supervisors are retarded and . if anyone knows who regulates them that would be great.


I am sorry to hear about your experience with NetSpend. Every time I have called I found that their customer service was very helpful.

Was the money that that they took one of their fees, or was this really a hold placed on your account by another company?

From my understanding, you would need to contact the company who charged your account or start a dispute. I hope everything works out for you.

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