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Update by user Mar 15, 2015

Just to clarify: these are the screenshots I took right around the time the accounts were closed so they do not reflect the actual balances. One account has a balance of $592 or so I am told by Netscam people and the account was closed /frozen in November 2013.

The second account has a balance of $1451.57 (again, I have no way to confirm, the number does seem much lower than I thought I had but.. ) and the account was closed on January 27 2014. Its been forever and I have been lied to and misled by Netspend Customer Service repeatedly. These balances I am owed does not reflect the last couple loads I have done via Vanilla Reload Pack.

And, I was told by Vanilla Reload customer service that the loads were applied to my Netspend debit cards. But, since Netspend *oh-so-conveniently* did block me from accessing my accounts online I had no way of seeing my account balances or to check my transaction history to verify the dollar amount. I have asked them to mail me the latest transaction but I am still waiting for that too, for years now! I simply have no way of proving to Vanilla that the loads were not successful.

After I researched this matter for the last 2 days, I came to find that this is a very common practice for both companies. They are the masters of making your hard-earned money disappear into thin air! If we dare question the loads they immediately blame the other party and that's exactly what happened in my case too. Now, I have to put both companies down as co-defendants.

The drama never ends!

Its one deep rabbit hole after another and I get nauseous as I go down that hole and lie with these dogs. And, no. That's not harsh considering what they've done!

Maybe I had hungry kids at home, I could have been evicted for not being able to pay my rent and they could not care less. The record show how much they care about their customers: THEY JUST DON'T! I almost had a stroke today but I learned a valuable lesson: you can't reason with a crazy, same goes for scamming corporate liars. Additionally, you(me) are the "crazy" ones here; if you insist on doing the same thing over and over again (like calling to ask for my money every couple of months, how dare I!) but still hope for a different outcome.

Here is one example (my state of mind, about 20 days ago): "Yes, the check is in the mail this time, for sure. Because he/she/it was really nice and verified everything, we talked for two hours and they have everything figured out now! She/he/it even apologized the whole time about the "mix-up(s)." Uh huh, The Customer Disservice Member #121 told me SO IT MUST BE TRUE! The check is coming!

BUT, NO. THEY MISLED AND LIED AGAIN, AGAIN AND AGAIN, as any good scamming lowlife netscam teammember would in that situation. SO, congratulations, Dan Henry. You've put together one heck of a trauma inducing team; they are really good at ruining our finances, weekends, weekdays, months, years, our lives!

I hope that you and your team of crooked company higher-ups get what they deserve and all of you outlive your children and your loved ones. You deserve to be rewarded as the CEO of Netspend. Here is a suggestion for your company bonus this year: you get to live for 2 extra days for every single day you deny your customers their money. You're welcome!

Here, let me translate it for you so you don't take it the wrong way: All of you corporate thieves should be damned to live for forever, after having nothing left to live for. ENOUGH SAID.

Original review posted by user Mar 15, 2015

They have promised to send a refund check for the balance of $1451.57 after they closed my account for loading "too much" money onto my account! The " suspicious activity " was simply NOT and the amount I loaded every month was well within the limits as stated in their own Terms & Conditions. My other card was blocked in November 2013 and has a balance of over $560 and I had no luck on that either!

I literally had a meltdown today and had a major anxiety attack after I spent well over 5 hours on the phone. All that wait and suffering led me to nowhere; they told me that they need further verification and if I were to send my ID and my SSN then they would process it and send me the checks (Mind you, that I was promised these checks 3 times already over the course of 2 years, its a check that DOES NOT ARRIVE!) I told them I would send both at that very second ONLY IF they would let me talk to the fraud prevention department and/or PROMISE TO FEDEX the checks right after they verify it. Too bad, they did not like that because there is NO COURTESY RULE WITH NETSPEND so they told me that it would be another 21 days. AFTER YEAR AND A HALF OF WAITING THEY WANT ME TO CALMLY WAIT FOR ANOTHER 21 DAYS INN GOOD FAITH after they have done everything wrong. I HAVE TO WAIT YET AGAIN, AGAIN AND AGAIN. I have never given any incorrect information on any of the 30+ calls I've made over the last 2 years. They just told me over 18 days ago that they had verified everything with me and they were going to process the checks the next day. And I should be receiving them in about 21 business days. LIES AND MORE LIES! I called yesterday, just because I NOW KNOW BETTER AND I DO NOT TRUST THEM PERIOD, I just tried to confirm the checks were sent NO, of course, no check was sent. But after spending 3 hours on the phone, I was told that I needed to send in more documents!?! I am sick and tired of their incompetency and LIES. These people are the biggest thieves in the industry and I seriously do hope that they pay dearly for making us wait and beg to get our OWN MONEY BACK. I've had my share of 21 business days story over three times now and somehow the check never arrives. I have no choice but to file a lawsuit, small claims will suffice in this case. I am never sue-happy, I've never been but here I am searching for Netspend complaints and even posting my own experience. They have caused me tremendous stress, grief and endless trouble since they froze my funds in November of 2013 and I SAY ENOUGH! NOW, I AM SUE HAPPY, MORE THAN HAPPY, WILLING AND ABLE TO HELP ANY REPUTABLE CLASS ACTION FIRM / ATTORNEY to make sure they don't go unpunished. I WANT NOTHING OUT OF THIS POTENTIAL CLASS ACTION, NOT EVEN A CENT AS A FINANCIAL GAIN: I want nothing other than seeing NETSPEND spent! Someone should make it clear to them that there is law and order in this country and that they are not the lawmaker. Their delusions of grandeur is disgusting and this company makes me sick to my stomach..

I am sorry, if this sounds like a mumbo-jumbo. I just had enough. My story is 100% true and I have records of everything to back up my claim and ready to fight until the very bitter end! Because I AM VERY DISTURBED BY THEIR ACTIONS OR LACK THERE OF AND I AM STILL SHAKING HOURS LATER. SADLY, I HAD TO SPEND ANOTHER 6 HOURS ON THE PHONE WITH NETSCAM EMPLOYEES AND THAT JUST DOES IT.

Last note: I had to put this under "banks" subcategory for the sake of greater exposure , otherwise I would not call BANCORP BANK, NETSPEND and PAYPAL PRE-PAID card services anything more than "financial scams and schemes."

It is what it is. DO NOT BE FOOLED.

The foolish one

namelessnobody11 wrote the review because of problems with payment at Netspend and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Netspend to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The most disappointing in user's experience was lies lies and more lies, nobody knows what they are doing and zero on customer service. Author liked the most robbing at best read no guns and send a new card fast. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Yep, it has been 7 months and they still have my 8000+$. We lost our house, vehicle etc abd had to get a lawyer.

Noe the funds should have been in again a few days ago but to no avail. Never again!!

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