These idiots at netspend sent my 14yr old daughter a prepaid debit card. First of all she did not order a card second do you people make a habit of sending cards to children?

What kind of company sends cards to children I just read a complaint about them sending a card to an 8 yr old. What kind of scam are you guys up to!!!!!!!!!

To other people out there beware I wouldn't activate a card that I didn't order.There is something wrong and fishy about that!!!!!!!!!!!!! makes you wonder if you did't order the card WHO did?!?!?!?!?!?!

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Card Activation.

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The prepaid card is 3rd party affilliated so pay close attention to what you provide information to online this includes magazine orders. I've received several from all kinds of unknown banks and did research further to find out that they receive info from affilliates.

You can simply shred the card if you dont want it once received, its not going to work without money on it. It is not a credit card!


I just received one for my 10 yr old son......


Sorry to say but they DO send cards to people who don't order them. I've never ordered a card, but received one.

Had to create an acct just to see what was going on. They SAY I've been a customer since September of 2010. What?

How can I be a customer if I only received the card recently and never ordered it? Getting really worried now.




Ummm.....i seriously doubt a company would send a card without it being ordered...your kid probably did order it. and whats the big problem anyway??

it's not like it's a credit card!!! it's pre-paid....you put the money on it......


might want to look into it and see if her ssn has been used i read once upon a time thats what the bad guys were targeting these days


ever think it wasnt a credit card company maybe a criminal using with intention to harm

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