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Briefly. I reported my card stolen in June, received a replacement card with the promise from the agents that the card can never be used again.

In August, the stolen card was unblocked and used at a ATM. I called in, reported the situation about the previous claim, changed all security measures and the agent even put it in the notes to NEVER unblock this card. Three days later, two more debits were made because the agent didn't refer to the notes nor used my new secret question and unblocked the card. The customer resolution department said that it was my fault and I should have better control over my card.

It was stolen in JUNE, WTF. I lost $772 with no way of a possible refund.

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Unfortunately if your identity information has been compromised there is not much you can do. Since the person knew so much about you to get the card unblocked they were able to pretend to be you. What is to stop them from pretending to be you again and ordering another card? This all comes down to protecting your personal information. This happened to me a while back since I gave a relative my information; I was liable for the unauthorized charges. It is in the terms and conditions.

Bottom Line:

Protect your identity information to prevent this. I would recommend contacting the credit bureaus and FTC to report this Fraud. Also follow up with a police investigation so that you can press charges against the person that did this.

Good luck!

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #187534

If you cannot take care of your card why did you not give it to mommy or daddy? Your own fault for being careless. Hope you learn a lesson from it.

to Irish Chatsworth, California, United States #1118125

Why would you put a comment like this in this section? It was stolen, you drunk ***, not lost. Even if it was lost, you sound like dumb nagging trailer trash wife.

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