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I deposited 500.00 in cash on a new card to use for shopping online and 15 minutes later I tried to activate card and was informed I needed to call in to activate card and in doing so I then was told they needed more info sent in and this would take at least 6 hours and most likely longer I agreed to send in info if they could process it sooner being that only the Black Friday specials were for that day only and they said that couldn't be done... Read more

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I have never been more p%$#@! off in my life. Iv never had NetSpend before so i go and purchase one and add the last bit of money i had on it. I get home and get on line and try to activate it and it kept saying it failed. So I call customer service and could barely understand anything the guy was saying cause clearly he isn't from America. Every question I asked he would ignore it and say that there is nothing he can do and would have to... Read more

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Netspend - Blatant Violation of The 1987 Expedited Funds Availability Act
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On April 7th, 2016, I, Sara Torres, attempted to open an account with a 3rd Party Financial Institution with an opening account balance from a Cash Advance off the Netspend Card I received from my IRS Federal Income Tax Refund. The amount I tried to deposit was $1,006 and 0 cents. This attempted Cash Advance OFF the Netspend card TO the UFCU Account occurred on April 7th, 2016, at approximately 2:49pm Central Standard Time. The Account was... Read more

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At gas stations at heb on February the 10th 0r 11th .I put gas .Netspend text me an said 55 with hold for gas

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I'm sorry to hear about what's going on with Rush Card. I was a Rush card holder for 3 years until I got a new job and they were using the Netspend card. Never had any issues with the Rush Card except for the overdraft fee, but basically that was my fault, but I'm happy that I'm on Netspend today. I have been on Netspend for two years now the only difference I noticed that the Netspend card fees were cheaper than the Rush Card. Its been almost a... Read more

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  • Sep 20, 2015
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I've had Netspend for years earlier this year it took me 6 months to get login to my account because of problems with your login online tonight I'm having problems again I forgotten my password it sent me a temporary password but it won't let me go back to where I put the temporary password in and create a new one but someone assist me with that please as soon as possible thank you Shannon L Smith

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Do not use this service. It is a scam to drain money from poor people who do not have access to a bank account. The incompetence demonstrated by the people I talked to just now is ridiculous. My son can get his money back the hard way, or wait 5 business days or up to twenty days. He is a student starting out and cant afford to let this kind of scam affect his finances. Do not use. Do not use. Do not use. They wanted his social security number... Read more

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close to 10 different attempts to activate my card Netspend refuses to activate my card which turbo tax recommended that I have my tax refund direct deposited to. I have given more than enough information necessary to prove identity yet netspend claims that A valid State issued id is not proof because it is temporary. duh all Id's are temporary having expiration dates. I am inches form filing a class action suit against Netspend for 3 times my... Read more

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I got this card when I was working for Macy's as a holiday temp to deposit my check into. After leaving Macy's I decided to keep the account and have my social security check deposited into it. WHAT A HUGE MISTAKE! In March my social security was deposited into it. Ten minutes later I began receiving text alerts that my money was being spent all over the world. I contacted them immediately and experienced some of most incompetent customer... Read more

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Direct deposit and cash loads for over a year. Got stranded in another state 2500 miles away from home. We all need to find a way to get a class action suit going! I can't believe how much money just disappeared from our account all the time..even daily. When I literally spent hours on the phone with them with a calculator in hand they just kept finding new ways to try to confuse me into believing where my money had actually been spent or... Read more

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