I purchased a NetSpend reload card from Walgreens on July 15, 2014. When I tried to upload the money to my card, I got a text alert saying that my card had been blocked due to suspicious activiity, and that I needed to call NetSpend to remove the block. When I called NetSpend, I was told that the card showed "not purchased" and I could either go back to Walgreens and have them swipe the card again, or email my receipt and the number on the back of the card to documents@netspend.com and wait 10 business days for them to do an investigation.

I went back to Walgreens and they said that once the card is sold, there's nothing they can do. So, I spent the next two days on the phone with NetSpend customer service agents trying to get some resolution quicker than 10 business days for a $500 transaction. I was given the runaround, left on hold for over an hour several times, told that they don't have a corporate office that I could contact, and was basically told I would have to continue waiting for them to do their investigation.

I emailed the requested documents to NetSpend on July 18th, and waited 10 business days with no response. I contacted them on August 2nd, and was told that the matter was still under review and I would have to wait an additional 5 days. It has now been 21 days (15 business days), and I still have not received a refund or response from Walgreens or NetSpend.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Netspend keeps putting my declined transactions as pending which is forcing me to go negative! I have to call them every time to explain that i only used what I deposited in cash and only one successful transaction!

They keep asking me if I contacted the merchant and to provide them a letter that it’s been declined and they’re not going to take the money out it’s very frustrating to call them every single time when the transaction gets declined couple days later they put that money and reduce my available credit. Even when I called the automated system says you have one decline transaction and one successful transaction which means they know exactly what’s going on but yet they still put that as a pending status and reduce my available credit so now I have to deposit even more money just to cover the negative this is not right and this is not fair and this fraud needs to stop


I don't know I see alot of complaints... But me personally iv never had a problem with the netspend card, it worked for me just fine.

Me and an ex girlfriend had both our direct deposits going on it just fine.

It was a long time ago now tho so I'm really hoping I don't have problems with it now, because I was thinking about purchasing one tommorow... Any suggestions?

to Anonymous #1580571

I have been wit them over 2 years and have direct deposit and have had no issues. One time I did get an alert card was hold for suspicious activity and when I called they let me know someone tried to make online transaction at midnight and they stopped it.

Didn't let the transaction go through. and sent me a new card no Issues.


Well yesterday i buy one..try to use it last night and it said declined, so i guess am about to have the some issues that every one else , but different from all this customers NetSpend i don't joke around i will take your *** to court ,because i work hard for this money ,and am not letting some scamers just come and take my money


I've been with Skylight prepaid for over 7 years. I have my disability checks direct deposited onto this card.

I lost my card 02/27/18. No one at Skylight or Netspend will order me a new card and I don't know why. Skylight says that I have to call Netspend and Netspend says that I have to call Skylight. They've been giving me the run around for a week.

My disability check is still on the card.

I can't pay my rent or any other bills. They have no empathy and they don't care...


*** them. Selling as prepaid cards in retailers. More like opening a bank account you don't need/want.


All i can tell you to do is call help me howard on that ... Keep your receipt and call log , showing how many times you have called and save that card ... Please contact them asap ..


I think all the loadable cards do this, its a scam and there should be a class action suit, i can never use my walmart credit/debit card again because greendot sent a complaint from a cvs that my 75 year old parents didnt pay for a reload card and consequently they sent me the numbers from that card and i somehow inexplicably was able to load 150 dollars on the card , yeah right, that would be impossible not mention i dont think my church going kind respectable parents hatched a plan to bilk greendot out of money. Walmart has banned me for life now as far as a prepaid card not to mention the card they shut down had about 500 dollars on it, nothing i can do about it and the pakastani girl i always seem to get when i call doesn't care. These companies are criminal.

Portland, Oregon, United States #947893

wondering if this ever fixed. I in exact situation! $500

Portland, Oregon, United States #947384

same thing happening with me! $500 reload card - poof - into thin air!

Just gone past 10 business day wall now looks like 20 more "business" days for us lazy morons to cut you a check and send it via mail.

I believe it could be easier to just deposit the 500 in my account like I tried to do in the first place! I don't think it'll happen!

to safeway anonymous #1010357

I was told that my card had suspicious activities, & I asked the NetSpend overseas rep *what suspicious activities are noted in the report*. When there's a suspicious activity they have to have the reason that caused that suspicious act in the first place and she couldn't come up with an answer.

I knew I wasn't getting my $80 back so I kept on catching her in less & then ii told her I recorded r everything & thaw I was gonna ef that whole staff for being thieves & knowingly lying & manipulating a BS scenario to their advantage.

All in all I don't have anymore problems, but I always deposit my money straight into the card, not a top up. They're low but the routing number comes in handy & it doesn't get any easier when it comes to paying my other credit cards.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #936744

Its funny I am going through the exact same situation with the two companies at this current time, only $100 less....I've been waiting 11 business days & still waiting for responses, I have been calling constantly & still no one has an answer. I find it to be truly unprofessional on how they handle matters such as this, it says to me that they don't have any concern about their customers funding. For yourself its been about 6 months already, were you able to resolve the issue?

Enfield, Connecticut, United States #902450

The same thing just happened to me!


We apologize for the problems you have experienced with your recent reload pack.

We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to assist you with this. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us at ttps://www.netspend.com/help or by calling Customer Service at 1-86-NetSpend (1-866-387-7363).

Thank you,


to NetSpend2018 #880618

You really need to stop scamming people out of their money THATS WRONG. YOU GUYS ARE THIEVES.



to NetSpend2018 #931633

Is this an Automated Reply or are you kicking him / her while they're down? All you have to say is call the same people that they've been calling? Customer Service at it's best.

to NetSpend2018 Los Angeles, California, United States #958670

Truly genius suggestion. Why didn't he/she think of that I wonder..

Yea, why don't you keep on calling the same horrifying customer disservice department, dear dumb consumer, why?

Do that for the next year and a half and you'll be where I am at: BY THE MAILBOX, STILL WAITING FOR THAT REFUND CHECK FROM NOVEMBER 2013! "I can feeeeel it, this time its coming."

LOL. You are a joke, put some smarter bot behind the keyboard!

You certainly can afford it, use some of the money you stole from me.

Then choke on the rest.

to namelessnobody11 #1479694

Anyone with these issues, simply file a small claims court action against them... they won’t show, and you’ll win by default.

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