On the weekend of July 4th. 14 unauthorized transactions were pending to my account. I immediately contacted NetSpend only to be placed on 3 times for approx 30 minutes a piece then transferred to a supposibly supervisor each time I was told please hold as I am transfering you to a manager.

Not only did I have to tell them to cancel my card as unauthorized transactions were still be done while I had them on the phone. Finally someone that addressed themselves as a Manager - Steve stated that he can see and agree that the transactions were not being done by myself and would be considered highly suspicious. 14 transaction in 45 minutes totaling $700.00+. I was told by this so called supervisor that my call was being documented and complaint would be send to their Claim initiation dept and to call back on July 5th to check the status. When I called back on Tuesday, July 5th. I was told by a rep that there was not documentation of my calls that were made over the weekend, that there were now even more transactions that hit my card a total now of 16 and that I would need statements for the merchants stating that these charges were not authorized???? My response was if they are stealing money off my card do you really thing they are going to give me a statement / letter which states this!!! I contacted one of the merchants who stated that she is fully aware of what happend as I am one of thousands of NetSpend cardholders that this has happend to. She was nice enough to email me a statement on company letterhead which proves my compliant to Netspend. When I called back to make Netspend aware they stated that they have not heard anything regarding their cardholders information being breach and they are not a financial institution therefore, do not need to alert consumers. At this point the Netspend made me aware that not only is my account and pre-paid card still active but charges are still hitting and being posted to my card. I have done everything but call the president himself. I have filed compliants with the BBB, Consumer Protection Agency, filed a police report and now I am contacting a private attorney. There has to be something someone can do company wide to prevent this from happending. I am sure per all the merchants and other sources that NetSpend consumer info has been comprimized and Netspend is not alerting their customers nor the media of this whole issue.


Pittsburgh PA

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On July 2,2015 There was a unauthorized withdrawal of $600.00 withdrawn from my account. NETSPEND Hasn't been helpful on trying to investigate it .

Return my money. I have filed a claim and still nothing.



I am glad I reviewed these complaints because Netspend gets good reviews by esteemed consumer shows e.g., the Clark Howard show ...I checked to make sure. One reason is Netspend collects a hellava lot of MORE personal ID information than others, and without superior proactive fraud detection (14 txn in 45 mins is way over the top, a 12 yo can run a better prepaid visa site) this is a disaster waiting to happen.

Never use this card to load your paycheck.

Use it for food and gas at the most. Close each card after 3-4 months and apply for a new account since they can't keep fraud under control.


I am convinced that people who work for Netspend are behind all of these charges. They do absolutely nothing when you report these charges. They're full of ***!


Yeah right, they don't use any type of fraud system. As I'm typing this I've been on hold for 20 minutes already, utterly pissed!


dang,, this sounds just like me.. Did anyone ever get their money back ever???


This exact same thing happened to me!! On July 6th 700 in charges were made.

I called immediately and was under assumption that the investigation would begin and it be 10 days. Well I called today to find status and was told the dispute wasn't started yet!! Now I find out it could take 90 days. A friend in Nj said that she heard on radio about this.

I mentioned to Netspend about this and they denied it.

This is an outrage. They are lying and now I'm out 700 for possibly 90 days!!

I am contacting Bbb.

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