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I got this card initially so that I could use it much like a checking account so that certain bills could be paid by direct draft, and or payment online for those companies who dont accept a debit card. This has worked for me for the last several months until I decided to use it to pay my car payment.

I paid my car payment online using the routing and account numbers and didnt seem to have a problem until...I began getting phone calls from my lender stating they didn't receive the money. Upon further investigation I saw that the payment had been reversed. I then called my lender and placed a payment over the phone in attempt to give netspend the "benefit of the doubt", in about another week again I began getting calls again, and again i noticed that the payment was reversed.

I then just paid another way....When I attempted to contact netspend all i could get was the vru and no way to get to a human being, then I submitted an email online and the response I got was that they did not see any reversals, and when i looked at my account to my surprise the reversals now do not show up at all???? At this poing i am incredibly upset and cannot believe they would just delete information such as this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Account.

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I also sent and payment and it was marked failed..But they took out the money and never sent the payment. And know its been a month trying to get them to refund over onethousand dollars.

Good Luck Can You Say Never Again. Try to get a person on the line they all suck I think they are all in a call center over in India somewhere.


I know from experience that if a merchant does not collect on an authoirzation after a few days it will be released back to your account. Then a few days later, or weeks in my case, the merchant collects the money.


I thought it was just me and it has happened twice now. The first time I noticed was November 3rd , when their network went down.

I was out of town on business trip staying at a hotel. The hotel put a 79.00 hold on my card, when the network went down it disappeared into thin air. Now today Jan 10,2011 a $50.oo charged to my account out of nowhere, which overdrew my account -40.00. Well i'm on a 9.95 fee plan and I can only overdraw my account by 10.00.Upon my investigation(not theirs) I found out that a transaction I'm positive made on Dec.30th has disappeared.

Here ten days later the m oney has been withdrawn again.

Let me add I have had my Netspend account for 4 years and all these shennaigans just showed up this year. I have no choice now but to leave this company alone.Before that I loved them.


I'm sorry to hear that you had so much trouble making your car payment with NetSpend. Personally, I have never had a problem such as this. It is doubtful that a financial institution can just delete their records. It sounds as if you received this information from your lender that they payment was reversed. I have made ACH debits from my account in the past and I found out the hard way that the name on your account must match the name on the bill you are paying, otherwise it would be rejected. I would recommend contacting their customer service again to see if anything can be done.

Hope everything works out for you!


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