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i try to have them take some money out of my checking account and put it on the card andthey refued to do it. i spented an hour argueing with a *** and kept telling her i wanted a supervior.

and she could barely speak english. why do they have a prepaid card when they wont help consumer who order these cards. i wanted them to takeout of my checking and they told me that my bank had to do it the bank said they need to, yet they refused too.

maybe people should neware of flyby night companies. i will make sure i let other people know that this is a scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Prepaid Card.

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San Ramon, California, United States #605775

Horrible customer service. Their English is not fluent and very hard to understand.

They are extremely rude. This is our money and we have every right to ask questions. I had 3000 ach sent on February 6, 2013 still not arrived to my account.On a positive note. I do have 5 percent of my paycheck loaded to card each pay period and my deposit always hit the day before around 7:10 pm without fail.

I do not allocate more because I do not trust this company. The small amount loaded pays for gym membership.


Hey Sally, we are in America, where you need to speak english, these companies taking there call centers and putting them in other countries is bull! I to get tired of talking to people that can't speak English! I live in the USA and expect to talk to someone that understands what I am saying!


This is unfortunately correct. You can not call a bank for them to take out money from another bank.

What would need to happen is that your bank with the checking account will have to send an ACH deposit to NetSpend. Then they can apply it to your card, it does not work the other way around.

And regarding the English. What company do you talk to that has not outsourced their customer service?


They don't speak english, huh? Do you speak their language? Think about it, F**kface.

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