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To Whom It May Concern,

This is the second email I have sent today, within the hour to be exact. However, upon further reflection and research I have decided that waiting 10 days to resolve my dispute is insufficient on your part. Not because ten days is too long, but because the transaction was UNAUTHORIZED.

As you will see by the reference number in the subject line, I filed a dispute with you yesterday regarding an UNAUTHORIZED charge of $178.18 by Time Warner Cable on my account. This occurred on Jan 2, 2015. I have called the merchant who agreed to reverse the charge, but has not done so in their allotted time frame of four business days. Therefore, I called Netspend to dispute it. I was told ten business days would be required to investigate. This is not acceptable.

Per the FDIC and Federal Regulation E, I believe that an immediate reversal of the unauthorized charge can be completed by you as a company. After speaking to two different CSR's I was told they could not. I believe this to be utter nonsense.

Due to the dragging of feet by both Time Warner and Netspend, I am locked out of my account and, after the refund, am out the $50 odd dollars I should have access to. So I am now having my own money held hostage.

I expect a response that is to my satisfaction within 24 hours. I will be sending this email to the disputes@netspend.com address as well as to my attorney. If no satisfactory result can be reached, meaning the refund of the UNAUTHORIZED transaction by Time Warner and any and all OD charges I may incur, I will also send this email and letters of complaint to the BBB, the Ohio Banking Commission, the Ohio Attorney Generals Office, the FDIC, and anyone else I can think of who will listen to me.

I have no desire for anything other than a full and complete refund of the UNAUTHORIZED transaction that took place from Time Warner Cable on Jan 2, 2015.

That is the email I sent to the company earlier. They have not bothered to respond.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $178.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Zero customer service, Hate this card fraud fraud.

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To whom it may concern I've been with y'all for some years I love NetSpend that's why I have your card but someone has stole my identity they stole my ID social security credit card everything was in my purse I don't have no money at this time can y'all please resolve this issue they posted send me a card and also I would like the money back on my card that they stole from me thank you very much


I have discovered (most painfully) that prepaid card companies are not bound by Federal Regulation E (most notably, any Green Dot card). I've been informed by the FTC that the law has not been amended to include prepaid card companies, so they are able to take as long as humanly possible to resolve disputes, if they so choose.

However, too many complaints by consumers regarding the issue can lead to injunctions and investigations. Netspend is actually one of the worst prepaid card companies and only second largest to Green Dot. Consumers who fly under the radar or are lucky enough to avoid internal employee fraud, spontaneous account closures, delayed direct deposits will praise Netspend for posting their DD funds swiftly.

Until they step on the other side of that and become burned like so many others. Netspend has just been successfully sued, so you'd think they would have changed their policies, but no.


Been waiting for my resolution for a long time, not a word from net spend. Very disappointed, BAD customer service.


I believe netspend company is taking money from our accounts and we have to wait on our own money. I will be switching to a bank soon. Someone been stealing my money and they have never sent me an alert on it but I get alerts when I use my card

to Laskesia Johnson #1508852

I believe so as well!!


What the***

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #1327888

I'm dealing with the same thing!! It's been almost ten days and have not received a email from the company.

Someone used my card in California and I live in Oklahoma City this is bull ***. I need answers like yedterday

to Shelia williamson #1508850

I am going thru the same thing I’m in Texas my card was used in Florida for 199.22 I have never even been to Florida at a gas station where was your card uses

Haleyville, Alabama, United States #1311634

I HAD $700 worth of fraudulent use with Netspend card in 2013 & to date they have NEVER resolved it.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1303460

I would like to know the outcome of this situation. Can you please email or call (763)202-1376 for the results.

I have the same problem.

Please, I need help. The rules and regulations of this company in helping customers with any type of concerns, problems, or issues is a very unprofessional and not caring about customer personal matters, it's all about the percentage they can in holding and charging unnecessary fees.


I called to report my card stolen and was told the person who stole it was in the middle of a transaction with straight talk wireless it was pending I was told they stopped the transaction and would receive a replacement card with my cash on it called today they let the transaction go through the thief got time on their phone no I'm told ten days to dispute and could be up to forty-five days I want to know how they accessed my funds with no pin and why they have been allowed to continue to use my card after I reported it stolen and no new card came and they said I had zero balance would have helped if their employee could understand English I want to know why it says on the paper I received when I got the card that no one could access my funds without pin

to Anonymous #1312771

I'm going through the same thing, this sounds like a class action lawsuit.

For everyone, that's on here, check on Dun and Bradstreet to see if we can post complaints


I see that they are getting me to

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #938460

Lol I don't think complaining and threatening is going do any good. Companies like this don't care, the more you complain the more they just push u away.

They know ur not going be able do anything and as far as lawyer, lol. Go pay a lawyer thousands to deal with $150, yeah right and even if u do so what, it wouldn't do any good

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