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I signed up for a GreenDot PP Card on line. They said it would take 7-10 days to recieve card.

Somehow not sure how, Netspend managed to get my info and send me 1 of their card within 3 days. If I hadn't did some research I would have activated their card and been stuck with them. This is sleazy not to mention unethical.

If they need to do business like that I don't need their business. It's a shame you can't even trust a frigin bank *** on Them they suck.

PS: GreenDot is not affiliated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Prepaid Card.

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Chweaver1: Where did you apply for the prepaid card? Directly through GreenDot's website?


We apologize that you received a card from us that you never requested. Please be informed that we have partnered with financial services companies nationwide to provide this card to you. One of our partners recommended you as a potential cardholder who would benefit from our prepaid Visa debit card. The only information we would have received is your name and address, but if you would like to cancel the account you can contact us or send an email to

Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. We do hope the problems you have experienced will not bear any reflection on our company and the services we provide.

Thank you,

NetSpend Corp.

to NetSpend #618011

I too received your bs card, because I am a "potential cardholder" aka SOMEONE WITHOUT YOUR CARD. I did not fill out, nor accept any sharing of my infortmation to be sent to your company to send me a random card.

If you could respond giving me your company's email address I would Love for you to take my information out of your system.

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