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Worst customer service of ALL time!! I have been a customer with them for over 2 years.

On the Friday before Labor Day I went to an ATM, didnt have much money after bills but decieded I would take out my fun money for the weekend in cash. The ATM did not dispense the money but it did print out a receipt reflecting that the transaction did not complete. The money still came out of my account leaving me broke. I have spent over 10 days disputing this.

Been givin wrong information from netspend agents, the wrong fax number, have faxed over 5 times (everytime I have a confirmation it went through and they tell me it didnt), spoken to numerous agents, sent emails, spoken to managers and dipute agents with no answers and nor do they care they left me completely broke for almost 2 weeks. Have had to eat ramon noodles and not leave my house.

They are thieves and liars. DO NOT JOIN NETSPEND THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $103.

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I had someone steal my duplicate card while I was out of state and made over $3,000 in withdrawls over a 2 week period and they returned my money within 10 business days..Was using my checking account to live on but they should of blocked the card when transactions were taking place in another state.


My god the same thing is happening to my mom she wanted to bring us to six flags tomorrow do you please have any idea how to get it back please my mom is a wreck please help us

Brooklyn, New York, United States #898591

On October 31 I purchased a coat online for 89.1 I didn't receive the coat yet after 7 days. I will like my money back thank you .

Brooklyn, New York, United States #898588

On October 30th I purchased a coal for 89 dollars on my netspend card & I didn't receive my coat yet. I want my money back .

Texarkana, Texas, United States #853039

Why would u pull out money for "fun spending" to spend, if it would leave you without food anyways? Just curious.

Shouldn't the money have been for food instead of "fun" if you were that worried about eating ramon noodles. lol

Bakersfield, California, United States #802098

Same thing with me wrong reference then wrong email then according to them another card was activated with my info all my deposits from paypal are funded for my chemo therapy nd they can careless this is the only problem holding me back from going to my treatment because I have to travel nd pay for my lodging it's terrible knowing they don't care at all for a cancer patient what makes the netspend costumes there care at all about us as costumes FDIC protected my but this really sucks they really have set me back a long way disputing my account for a month already I was suppose to start chemo on the 10th of March it took me a long time for my fund raiser to colleect donations how could they do this


:) :) :)

I was sent a card without even soliciting one. When I called the company to inquire why would I volunteer all of my personal information for a card that had no funds on it.

Best I was hoping was for there to be a $10 or $20 promo deal with it. Well imagine my surprise when the agent told me there was $564.00 in the account....um, huh??? Well given the fact that I have been screwed over by companies like this with fees and such I had no problem playing along and getting my card activated. I was able to pull out most of the money, less ATM fees...but yeah, won't use them anymore but thanks Netspend for the free money.

It came at a time when I really needed it. Not sure how or why but I am not going to turn down free money especially from a company that hires all of their employees from overseas while Americans continue to struggle for work.


I like Netspend. There are two things I dislike though:

1) If you return an item it takes like 2 days for the funds to come back onto your card.

2) Their customer service on the phone is poor.

Things I like:

1) You get your direct deposit pay two full days before the credit union or the bank.

2) The $9.95 fee is predictible and if you get cash back as change in lieu of making withdrals, that is all you pay.

3) They give me a 24 hour grace period to correct any overdraft and if I fund the account there is not overdraft fee.

4) They charge only $15 per OD versus $32 or $35 for the credit union and the bank.

5) They text message me balance updates (banks do as well, but I still like it!)

If you understand the delay on refunds you should not be blindsided when you make a return. I still keep the bank for some things but I put a good portion on the Netspend. It is better than the banks in my opinion, it costs me a lot less than those damned overdraft fees and I get my funds quicker. If you have direct deposit Netspend is a good idea.


We truly apologize for the inconvenience caused and seek your patience and understanding on this matter. We assure you that it is always our objective to take care of our cardholders’ interests. We strive to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and continually look into ways of improving our products and services to meet the needs and expectations of all our esteemed cardholders like you.

We would like the opportunity to assist you. Please send us your information to feedback@netspend.com and we will look into this.

If there is anything else we can do to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or call customer service at 1-86-NetSpend (1-866-387-7363).


I recently got a netspend card and was happy with it UNTIL I tried to return a product from Apple. I have my receipt from apple stating that I was refunded the money and yet the money wasn't reflected on my account.

I had purchased a product from a different store and best believe that was posted under pending transactions and yet my refund for $660 was no where to be found! I called customer service and was connected with a lady who didn't speak english very well. She just stated how much money I had in my account (which I clearly already knew) and then asked if she had answered my questions. I told her that she hadn't addressed anything that I asked in the slightest and asked to be transferred to a supervisor.

She kept stalling and asking me pointless questions that had absolutely no relevance even though I told her several times that I uninterested in speaking with her and wanted to be transferred to a manager. After waiting 20 mins I finally got on the line with the manager, Wolfgang. Wolfgang also didn't speak English very well and so I had to repeat everything several times. At this point he told me a whole string of pointless things much like the first lady.

I cut him off and told him that I didn't want all the semantics, just tell me why the money isn't reflected on my account and yet purchases that I made AFTER are shown. He went on to say that my account should have been put on hold. (HUH?!) At the end of it all he told me fax my original receipt to Netspend and wait 5 days. Once my account was put on hold they would review the receipt and THEN I'd get my money.

What the ***?! That makes absolutely no sense at all and let's me know that AS SOON as the money is on my account I will be withdrawing ALL my money and finding a different service. What kind of company has no problems charging your card and yet makes you jump through flaming hoops for a *** refund?! This company is a joke!

I told Wolfgang that none of this seemed reputable.

His reponse? "Why we want make our customer mad, that not our goal." Could have fooled me!


you all are right they are a rip off. in the last few years they charge fees on ever think.

I agree they do not read!!!. or listen to a customer very well. I am soooooosick of overseas people!

I wish we had our American people back. how do we know this company is honest or trying to help terroest neworks.


I have been a cardholder since 8 yearsmI only kept them because they put it on early (money). IN the beginning it was White abd Black customer service ( it was nice) them all that changed a year and a half later.

I do agree they are a ripe off in the last 4 years ,I watched they get worest and worst.

I to will drop them in december,of this year. They are a rip off.


The problem with you people, you don't read. I've been with Netspend for 2 1/2 years, yes when I made a gas purchases and it withheld double if not triple.

Netspend will secure the money before anymore is taken out, wouldn't you. The good thing is, they do give you your money back. The trick with netspend is to only pay $9.95 a month for their services. Which is direct deposit, store purchases with your pin that way you won't be charge a fee when you withdraw money.

Its better to have your savings with netspend than with a regular bank, now you do the rest of your research, you got enough from me. Netspend is the best prepaid card a person can receive if you read and call customer services to ask questions, you won't find better.


great company but they need to quit out sourcing there customer service its really bad.

Lignum, Virginia, United States #129316







I just recently became a Netspend user a few months ago&i used my card(12-29-09)for the first time and first they said that my four digit number was invalid when I called their customer service&i know for a fact that i knew what my pin number is because it is the same number i use for any type of card. Okay second problem I was confronted with was having to change my pin number&when i did so&attempted to shop the cashier said that the number was invalid that left me stuck in the supermarket with my groceries on the counter&i couldn't get my food.

Me&my mom was very hungry. And one more problem i had was when I spoke to a customer rep.&he said that he would email me my new four digit passcode in 30min.&that was well over an hour ago&still waiting but i know i'm waiting in vain.

My mother who also has a netspend card&has never used it is getting her favorite pair of scissors&she is cutting it up as I am typing. STAY AWAY FROM NETSPEND IT WILL ONLY MAKE YOU DEPRESSED&ANGRY.


I have been a cardholder with Netspend for about seven years. For the past four years, my entire paycheck has been direct deposited.

The only trouble I have ever had is certain ATM machines not accepting the card. I fixed the problem by withdrawing at any local bank (also, this does not cost me anything). Once in a while it won't run as a debit, but has to be credit. Otherwise, I make hundreds of transactions each month, online, by phone, mail and in person, transfers, etc.

NO PROBLEMS, EVER. I had a 500.00 unauth. transaction and they re-imbursed me immediately after I had sent the info they needed.

With the new Load balalance re-imbursement insurance for 12 months, who could want more? Thanks, Netspend!


Most of my experiences with Netspend are favorable.

While completing a bill payment through Bileo I discovered a Netspend Master Card Debit not issued to me pulling money from me to pay someone else bills.

Not Good Netspend and I have not resolved the issue yet.

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