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i went to the atm to get 150.00 out of my account and netspend took 300.00 out then the second time i got 100.00 out and netspend took 200.00 out now i dont have money in my account and i dont have food in my home i need my money back to get food or i will not recormend netspend to any of my friends or my family i trusted netspend with my money from the goverment and they let me down i am not happy and if they dont fix this i will never trust them

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Account.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I have NETSPEND and they suck just like all the rest. Prepaid greed will make these companies a thing of the past.

Get the AMEX prepaid or go to a bank because moth have them available now.

You call NETSPEND and their incompetent CSRs DO NOT understand what you are asking them, its so F******* annoying.

My employers bank sent my DD yesterday and still at 430pm the next day my account still don't reflect my salary. NETSPEND DOES NOT ALWAYS POST IMMEDIATELY.


Ms Metcalf,

I have located your account and have called and left you a voicemail at the phone number on file. Please call me at the number provided in the voicemail. If you did not receive my voicemail please be sure your the phone number on your account is updated.

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