I enrolled with Netspend on the referral from a friend. I closed my bank account fully trusting that everything would be okay.

I filled out the direct deposit form and took it to Social Security because I received SSDI due to a couple of strokes. My wife is filling this out for me. My friend had told me that Netspend always has the money on y0ur debit about 3 days ahead of when the bank pays you. I received my Netspend permanent card in the mail on 2/25/2012 and activated it immediately.

On January 28th I checked to see if any money was on the card and there was $1,326 and proceeded to fill up with gas. I then went immediately to Ace Cash Advance to get some money off the card, but my card wouldn't work. The employee at Ace gave me the number for Netspend and I called it. After waiting about 45 minutes, I got a rep who told me that my pin was not working and that I should reset it.

This is what I did at the Ace Store, but nothing changed. I called back and after 1 hour and 20 minutes I got another rep and explained what was going on and what the other rep told me. I ask why the first rep didn't note in my file what was going on with my file. The second rep ignored my question and told me that my account had been closed my me.

Well, I was amazed. I told her first of all the money was there on my card about 2 hours ago and second why would I close a brand new account when I had a direct deposit coming? There was silence for a moment and then she said "I don't know what is going on with your account" and and hung up on me. I called back a third time and of course had over an hour wait and got another rep and had to fill them in on what was going on.

This rep told me that my account had been blocked and a paper check would be coming to me with 20-30 days. I was beside myself. I ask her on whose authority did Netspend have to close or block my account and just take my money? I was furious to say the least.

I called back again and got a rep who was feeling sorry for me and actually put me through to the customer rep manager and he told me that in the 15 years that he had been with the company never had anything happened before. He told me he would e-mail the data processing dept and have them cancel out the paper check and manually put it back on my car. I was feeling well maybe the check is in the mail and it will get here.. Today is March 9th and the check is still in the mail, so to say.

I am so upset that my blood pressure is all over the place. How is this company or Ace getting away with this?

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U can go to your SS office and let them know of the incident. I believe that if they can see that your acct had that money one minute and gone without a transaction, they should have had funds directly deposited same day with your lost money!

This is how Michigan would do it bc a similar incident occurred. Those reps stole your MONEY! YES. THEY DID.


They needed to din the thief(s) who did this to u and give them federal prison time! So sorry for u!


That's terrible , SSD should have cut you.a check that day and they could have waited for the cash ,,,,


Your a ***


You should have called ssi and told them what happened they would have cancelled it and got you out a new one asap

Milledgeville, Georgia, United States #1128735

also when i do call to speak to a rep, the hold time is usually no more than 1 minute.

Milledgeville, Georgia, United States #1128730

i have not had any problems with netspend since i had my refund put on my account about 5 years ago.i also get my ssi disability on my account about the same time.


Yea they did me the same way I'm waiting on a check in the mail I wish the consumer affairs department or some one would stop these people they are always messing with government benefits..




You sound like a *** ***.

Dothan, Alabama, United States #842601

When will I receive my SSI check this month


i received a netspend mastercard today and they put my nick-name on the card this is just weird,and i really want to know how do the get my info?and i call the customer service num and got different info instead all the have is things like to active ur card check ur balance to learn more 'bout netspend and thing like that


we just lost 1224.18 we was told that the money was moved to a other netspend account and that we had called and told them to also all of the info on our account had been changed and when we told that me that we had not called or changed the account info and that we want to know where the money is they tell us that they will look into it and if we want o get into the account to see any thing we have to guess the password when we told them that we did not change it so how was we to guess what it could be they told us that the only to get into it is guess they did tell us that the money had been moved to a netspend account under a name that we do not know so i guess we just lost every dime that i have worked for I am starting to feel that some one at netspend is taking money somehow the one that took the money got the amount in the account down to the cent........

to ***ed Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1165668

Wow this is horrible. I can't even understand what you are saying. I can however tell that you didn't graduate from high school.

to The wiz #1274134

Maybe they don't speak English you retard isn't the SATs or a grammar/literary contest and if you do not have the capacity to Break down the situation with the words the person wrote which is pretty simple ( unless someone has no brain cell count)...use this as a learning experience and try not to insult others behind a computer

to ***ed #1199739

Your account got hacked. Call whoever you get $ from, not netspend. I've had their card since 2007 with no issues at all

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