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So I made a purchase at a local gun dealer..Later on I found a much better deal...I had made a deposit of 375$ and when I cancelled the order the merchant refunded me that amount..twice.Turns out he hit the button twice..OK no big deal..Call the merchant/NEtspend has my account LOCKED DOWN tighter then fort knox..After 6 phone calls and yelling at numerous people I get a call back stating theyre going to release my card but withhold 375 for the transaction they know is going to be reversed.Ive had enough.So I drain the account and decide to use it only when Im doing internet purchases. Next thing I know I go to deposit 100 bucks to buy something..100 dollar deposit..0 balance..umm..Long story longer..When the merchant reversed the 2nd refund they put my account in the hole 375..I called and griped over an over..To surmise..To this day then deny holding the 375..Immediately after I made the phone call about the money they witheld THEY LOCKED MY INTERNET ACCOUNT AND FLATLY REFUSE TO SEND ME OR LET ME SEE AN ACCOUNT HISTORY STATEMENT.They relay that I have to pay 250 to bring the account current and they will start a new account but the old account has been closed and the statements and history are no longer available.Thats awful convenient.

Anywho Ive retaioned an attorney and am looking for people who have been burned to file a class action lawsuit.This will cost you nothing!


Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Prepaid Card.

Monetary Loss: $375.

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You can also contact the CEO of Netspend Dan Henry@ 512-532-8200 Ex. 8780 or his personal assistaint Shannon Carol @ 512-531-8786 or 913-832-4253.

I will be contacting him.

The Better Business Bureau, the OCT and my states Att.

General. I recommend everyone do the same!

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