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is netspend going out of business? if so, will they tell us.

i have never seen a credit card company have so many problems with their system and it is always down. i am really gettng scare with netspend. it is so hard to get customer service and its always some foreigner that can't speak or understand english very well. i had to ask for someone who can read, speak and understand the english language.

i hate to say this, but i ask them is there any americans in customer service i can speak with.

i am good at recognizing voices,but i am given a different name.

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they suck. It takes forever to get a live person and they are never from america...I returned some clothes at a store and I used my netspend card to purchase and return the items. Days later the return was STILL not on my card. I called *** netspend and when I finally got some indian woman..she told me I had to FAX over the *** reciept in order to get my refund.

that sounds so dumb to me. I thought the bank was supposed to communicate with the merchant on their own. Sigh. this isn't my only hardship with this fake *** bank.

I don't even think this little comment box has enough space to list every complaint I have with these ppl. DOWN WITH NETSPEND

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