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I received in the mail a letter From net spend.So i figured it was nothing for i get stuff every once in a while.

I'm 15 Years old!!!! Who the Heck sends a Debit card to a 15 year old!? What the F*#k does net spend think they are doing sending teenagers who haven't even gotten out of High School a Debit Card!? That's totally and completely WRONG!!

I don't understand how a Company send Cards to minors and get away with it.

Isn't against the law or something?I know you can't get a credit card till your 18, but what's the difference?!?!


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Smh, you’re sad. It’s not a credit card, it’s a prepaid card; therefore, if money isn’t put on it and actived, it doesn’t work. Calm down, overdramatic

to Just Someone #1442933

It is sad that people defend this company's tactic of sending out garbage to thousands of people. You must work for netspend. There is no excuse for what they do.


Same thing happens to me!!!


i am 16 and emacipated and i recieved a card and was going to use it for my banking since my money just sits around in my house but they will not let sumone under 18 be a primarary card holder so it doesnt really matter


I’m 15 and they just sent me one too.Ive went to websites talking about this.Most are bad so I’m not going to activate it until I speak with a netspend person about this.


No you don't.I never requested a netspend card and was sent two in the past year.

Netspend needs to stop sending out cards to people whos information they most likely get from 3rd party companies.

I don't care if it is only a debit card that needs to be activated. Don't send out debit cards to people who have not requested them.

We just moved and the clowns at netspend sent one of their garbage cards to our old address. The only reason I received it is because I still have address forwarding active with the USPS.

That will eventually expire.

I don't need netspend sending crap in my name to my old address.

The clowns here who are defending netspend's pathetic tactics need to get a clue and a life.Netspend and the dinkuses here defending them should just disappear.


614 615 4844 text this number and say no to netspend

to DImshit #1419713

Thank you! This number (614 615 4844 ) is very useful to opt out of any future mailings and marketing from netspend!


It's not a credit card, it's a pre-paid debit card which you cannot use till $ is actually out on it and it is activated. My teen has a pre-paid debit card for emergencies.


My daughter received on today at her school address. The first and only time she used her school address was through Amazon.com to order books.


its a pre paid card *** theres not even money in the card, a parent activates it and then can give it to the kid but you must be 13 to use it


All you people are idiots the reason they were sent one is because at some point in time they probably watched a YouTube channel saying you can get this for free but you have to complete a survey to get it and kids are dumb so they complete the survey and the survey asks there name email address phone number home address and is sent off to major companies and then those companies send you credit cards or debit cards or a free sample of something that you didn’t go there for because the survey asks for your income and asks if you would like to receive a debit card and no one bothers reading it so they end up clicking Agee and getting sent pointless things that they didn’t ask for out it to you this way if your on YouTube and it says you can get free Xbox live or Microsoft points or a free steam game or a free gift card or a free Xbox one or ps4 and you have to complete a survey it’s fake once you complete that survey that person gets paid money and your information is sent to multiple companies

to Anonymous #1367486

He is absolutely correct

to Anonymous #1367489

Another possibility is that these cards are real cards but have been sent out from a third party company that scams and sends it to you hoping you’ll add money and take your money

to Anonymous #1412593

Netspend buys people's info from 3rd party companies. Then they send out their garbage cards in hopes that people with activate them so they can most likely gouge people with crazy fees and charges.

to Anonymous #1373054

Okay, if that's the case, then why have I, a grown *** adult who hates doing surveys ever, gotten 2 netspend cards sent to me at 2 DIFFERENT ADDRESSES. I got one at my parents house, and now I'm living on my own with my husband and I have received another one. Mind you I NEVER do those stupid YouTube surveys.

to Asdfghjkl #1412595

The guy who was defending netspend with his BS diatribe most likely works for netspend.

to Anonymous #1401918

Please contact me 2017aht@gmail.com

to Anonymous #1412588

You are a moron for defending a company that sends out unsolicited garbage. All the drivel your typed out is worth as much as the *** pieces of plastic netspend mails out. Either way it doesn't excuse netspend's pathetic tactics.

to Anonymous #1441345

that's not true because i recieved one today and im 12

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