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I received in the mail a letter From net spend. So i figured it was nothing for i get stuff every once in a while.

I'm 15 Years old!!!! Who the Heck sends a Debit card to a 15 year old!? What the F*#k does net spend think they are doing sending teenagers who haven't even gotten out of High School a Debit Card!? That's totally and completely WRONG!!

I don't understand how a Company send Cards to minors and get away with it.

Isn't against the law or something? I know you can't get a credit card till your 18, but what's the difference?!?!

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Obviously you are not so smart yourself. Its a prepaid card..

Your "child" wont be able to do anything with it unless money is loaded on to it. I gave my 14, 15, and 17 year old daughters each a card for emergencies. They can use it for gas after a station has closed for cash purchases but is still available to pay at the pump, uber rides or whatever else could come up.

Its not cash so if its misplaced or stolen the money isnt gone. You and your child should probably find a "safe zone" and stay there so you cant be bullied or hurt by Net spend anymore.

to Yougottabekiddingme #1560503

Best Answer ever


uh ok they do send it out randomly but sometimes kids do this too if it has her name on it and the address then she probably did it her self sometimes kids do this to get free money or doesn't even want to ask you for money so they try to their own way this is actually my first time reading about it cause in different stories about this their children would do it so ask your 15-year-old child if she did it too.


My daughter is 15 an has a job I am trying to find her a card to have her check deposited into. An not much luck


What's the harm?? I don't know why they send it to certain people but I got one a week after coincidentally applying for a job thats the only way they could of got my information.

The card works for me im 18 my job now pays me thru this card.

It's an ok card if you don't want it throw it away along with the other junk mail. I don't necessarily agree with netspend but yall are overreacting

to Smart kid #1465674

Thanks for the spam. The card is garbage so if anyone recieves one they should just shred it and throw it where it belongs. The constant netspend spam on this site should also be put where it belongs


Their phone number is 866-930-9924. You will get an actual person.

to Anonymous #1483694

Thanks! This number worked!!!!

My son is 14 and received a card. As a parent, I’m totally pissed!!!


They sent one to my 10 year old. I tried to call and tell them if their error.

You can’t talk to anyone with out giving them the card number, your ssn, and dob.

If you don’t provide it they hang up.Scam for info. Shred it.


Smh, you’re sad. It’s not a credit card, it’s a prepaid card; therefore, if money isn’t put on it and actived, it doesn’t work. Calm down, overdramatic

to Just Someone #1442933

It is sad that people defend this company's tactic of sending out garbage to thousands of people. You must work for netspend. There is no excuse for what they do.

to Just Someone #1451106

Lots of fees. Should not be marketed to kids. Smh yourself.


Same thing happens to me!!!


i am 16 and emacipated and i recieved a card and was going to use it for my banking since my money just sits around in my house but they will not let sumone under 18 be a primarary card holder so it doesnt really matter


I’m 15 and they just sent me one too.Ive went to websites talking about this.Most are bad so I’m not going to activate it until I speak with a netspend person about this.


No you don't. I never requested a netspend card and was sent two in the past year.

Netspend needs to stop sending out cards to people whos information they most likely get from 3rd party companies.

I don't care if it is only a debit card that needs to be activated. Don't send out debit cards to people who have not requested them.

We just moved and the clowns at netspend sent one of their garbage cards to our old address. The only reason I received it is because I still have address forwarding active with the USPS.

That will eventually expire.

I don't need netspend sending crap in my name to my old address.

The clowns here who are defending netspend's pathetic tactics need to get a clue and a life. Netspend and the dinkuses here defending them should just disappear.


614 615 4844 text this number and say no to netspend

to DImshit #1419713

Thank you! This number (614 615 4844 ) is very useful to opt out of any future mailings and marketing from netspend!

to Anonymous #1525951

They have changed the phone number to 6146955639


It's not a credit card, it's a pre-paid debit card which you cannot use till $ is actually out on it and it is activated. My teen has a pre-paid debit card for emergencies.

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