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Money was stolen from my Netspend card multiple times within a 40 day period. The first event was an unauthorized transfer to someone I never heard of, and the subsquent events were unauthorized charges by merchanges I have never done business with.

Netspend's responses were horrific -- taking a long time to restore my funds. In the case of the unauthorized charges, the funds initially were just on hold pending a transaction -- but NetSpend insisted the transaction had to go through before I could receive a refund.

I sent very clear communications by email and by fax demanding my account to be canceled. Instead, NetSpend sent me TWO replacement cards. I eventually received a promise to refund my money -- one email said I would not be charged the usual cancelation fee, and a subsequent form message said the opposite.

Customer service is a joke -- like leading a steer through a maze to the slaughter house, it's based on delays and repetitions and smile faces, but the result is always the same: bad.

I obviously cannot trust a service that appears to be a means to steal income in the disguise of a debit card. The big issue here is security -- there is NONE. Somehow the crooks knew my balance, and stole accordingly.

I identified my loss as "0" based on my hope I will eventually get my own money back.

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Account security is very important to us and we are very sorry to hear about the problems you experienced.

We hope that this has already been resolved, but please feel free to contact us at feedback@netspend.com if you have any concerns.

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