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I have been a netspend user for quite awhile since about 2004 and up until this year 2010 and the end of 2009. I have never had a problem accessing my money.

I usually receive my direct deposit paycheck early and pay my bills online etc. But this is the third time,different days that their system has been down and I have had no access to my money. What is going on? I have also attempted calling to get my balance and get some info.

on the problem but when you call you get a non person directing you to go online because their service is down. Your online website is down too, you morons.

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Website.

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OMG! I'm 1500 milles from home.

I need my money.netspend is the only bank account I have.

Im gonna starve if they dont go back up real soon! :sigh :x :?

been a customer for netspend for two years i get (SSI) and (SS) deposits on the 26th and 29th of the month it seems this month i only resived my SSI on the 26 and it is the 31st and i have not recieve my SS check i called Social Security to se if there was something wrong wiyh my account and they said everything is aok so they said the problem is with my bank and ive been trying to contact netspend to find out but when I call there is no option to speak to a rep.This bank really sucks big time, for anyone taht wants to change to another bank gey a Metropcs card its better and lets you get 500 a day isted of 300 like net spend. If you are interested in a metro pcs card just go to and get one


I also have been having problems with their system being down. Almost everyday for the past week.

My tax refund was to be deposited today and I had to fax my return and w2's. I can understand the return to verify the amount of the refund but I still have no idea why my w2s are any of their business. To give them credit, they did deposit my refund within 4 hours of receiving the documents. What really pissed me off was that instead of emailing me about the pending deposit, they froze my account.

I couldn't even access the money that had come from my paychecks. They did this to "get my attention so I would call and find out what the issue was". This could have led to some potentially embarassing and frustrating card denials.

What if it had been an emergency or I was stranded out of town because my card wouldn't work and I had no idea why. Plus I was on hold for an hour waiting to get the problem resolved.


Unfortunately with technology advancing so fast we are all going to see problems with it. Every company will have their problems and NetSpend is not an exception.

It sounds like NetSpend is growing and is working hard to get these issues resolved. I called over there and they sounded just as frustrated as we all do. I am sure that this problem will be corrected but we all need to be a little patient right now.

Regarding the tax documents, I had to do this last year and this is a requirement for most banks when you have a large deposit.

From reading others comments it sounds like the IRS started depositing most of their refunds yesterday and I am sure NetSpend is trying to deposit it as soon as they can. Lets all be patient and I am sure we will have our money soon.


I purchased a netspend card 11/2009. I had my income tax directly deposited.

The problem is the system is down. I am on the phone for 12 minutes waiting for a rep and they want me to fax in w-2 forms and tax forms to confirm the amount deposited from IRS. They are holding my money or it says deposit is pending. I have faxed information and sent via email to cover my behind.

Still no money and they said it would take 4 hours to process documentation99I sent yesterday) still no money.

What is going on? and why do they need personal information?

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