Gilmanton, New Hampshire
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I have had a HORRIBLE experience with this product, the NETSPEND PREPAID VISA DEBIT. It is the perfect scam...

They make it as difficult as possible to activate (oh that's a 10% fee) in addition to charging you with fees over everything. Fee to talk to a representative, 1$ fee everytime you TRY to spend the card- whether it works or not. EVEN WHEN YOU ARE ON THE PHONE WITH THE COMPANY at the register AND THEY TELL YOU TO TRY AGAIN. Each failed attempt, they had a DIFFERENT REASON & a different a ft balance.

Finally, after 45 minutes tying up a register- because it was the mere principal of the situation that the company was STEALING my money with its scams. The NETSPEND rep ON THE PHONE SAYS "Try another merchant" the very unhelpful foreign speaking representative told me that. My reply? NO, I won't.

My daughter was gifted this card and she wants to purchase THESE items with her money. Besides, WHY I would try another merchant- you would charge me another $1 for the failed transaction and cause me another phone call and agitation of another cashier as they hold up their business and the line gets longer because this product is a SCAM.

Finally, a "high up manager" of netspend- informed me that the card THAT READ AS PRINTED ON expired 02/19 - she said The funds were EXPIRED. Apparently, You have to use it in 120 days time from the date you activate it?!?!!!

Federal law says there is no expiration to GIFT CARD money. See attached. BBB is being notified- whether I receive my $22 refund check or not.

I imagine there are a whole slew of people losing money to this faulty product by way of frustration and fees every minute of every day.


Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Prepaid Card.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Naples, Florida, United States #1302819

Prepaid RELOADABLE cards are NOT gift cards. Gift cards are used only until the money is gone and can not be reloaded.

Reloadable cards are reloadable. Netspend cards do NOT adhere to the gift card law.

Bellevue, Washington, United States #1177799

Netspend needs to be investigated by the police.

Concord, New Hampshire, United States #1176495

I couldn't have stated it any better. The same thing has happened to me , and on more than one occasion...

This company is a thief... more people need to call the Better Business Bureau ....

maybe a class action law suit can be brought against these thieves !!!!!

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