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In February 2017, I applied online for a NetSpend Visa Prepaid Debit Card through MetaBank. After providing requested Identity Verification Documents (Picture ID, SS Card, Proof of Address, etc) as well as successfully confirming my identity by properly answering multiple choice questions regarding my identity, I was approved for the Netspend Visa Prepaid Debit Card through MetaBank.

Netspend issued and mailed me the pre-paid Visa Debit Card via US Postal Mail. When I received my card, I called Netspend to activate my card and after providing my personal information (name, SSN, dob, etc) my prepaid Visa Debit card was successfully activated. I registered my card online as was granted online internet access to my prepaid card account. Netspend provided me with my routing and checking account number associated with my prepaid Visa Debit card for the purpose of having my funds directly deposited into my prepaid card account.

On 4/17/2017, my insurance carrier issued me a payment for my loss property claim in the amount of $5,052.41 which I requested be direct deposited into my MetaBank checking account association with my Netspend Prepaid Visa Debit Card. On 4/19/2017, the payment direct deposited into my account and the funds were made available for my access. Between 4 5am on 4/19/2017, I performed 3 ATM withdrawal transactions for $300.00 each with my Prepaid Visa Debit Card. At approx 9am on 4/19/2017, I paid my cell phone bill in the amount of $151.00 with my prepaid Visa Debit card as a credit transaction.

At approx 10am, I logged on to my online account and attempted to transfer $500 to another Netspend prepaid card account using Netspend "Flashpay" but the transfer would not successful process. I called the Netspend customer service Dept as instructed and explained that their website would not allow me to transfer any funds. I was told a security block had been placed on my account for my protection. I was required to confirm my identity by answering multiple choice questions regarding my identity.

I successfully answered completed the identification verification process and the security block was removed from my account. I was then told to call back in 4 hours at which time I would be able to transfer funds. At approx 108 pm, I went to my local Walmart store and purchased a soda with $100 cash back for a total amount of $101.78. The transaction was successfully approved.

At approx 2pm, I called Netspend like I was previously instructed, so that my request to transfer funds could be processed. I was told I needed to speak with their Fraud Dept because another block had been placed on my account. I was transferred to Kyle with their Fraud Dept. Kyle informed me that the block was placed on my account because their computer system showed that I had tried withdrawing $300,000 from the ATM earlier that morning at approx 6am three different times.

I told Kyle that I did not try withdrawing $300,000 from an ATM, but that I conducted 3 ATM withdraws for $300 each around 6am that morning and the transactions were successful. They were not for $300,000. I also told Kyle that I already spoke with their Fraud Dept earlier that morning and the block was already removed after I successfully completed their identification verification process and that I had made successful transactions after that with no problems. Kyle informed me that another block was placed on my account since that previous one that had been cleared.

Nothing he was saying made any sense. Kyle told me that he would not removed the block until I submitted a copy of my ID, SS Card and proof of address to email address ( I submitted a copy of my ID, SS Card, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate and proof of address to the email address. I received an email response informing me the documents were not acceptable, therefore the block would not be removed. I still have $3,883.13 in my account that they will not let me access.

The documents I provided were sufficient enough for NETSPEND to: 1.) Approve me for the pre-paid card. 2.) Issue me the prepaid card. 3.) Send me the prepaid card via US Postal Mailing. 4.) Activate the prepaid card when I received it.

5.) Register my prepaid card for online Internet Access and Mobile Alerts. 6.) Accept my Direct Deposit payment onto the prepaid card. 7.) Access my available funds that were direct deposited into my prepaid card account. 8.) Withdraw funds from my prepaid card through the ATM.

9.) Make debit and credit purchases with my pre-paid card. But all of a sudden, on April 19, 2017, the day my very first direct deposited payment posted to my prepaid card account,and after I've already successfully made several transactions with my prepaid card, still having a remaining Balance of $3,883.13 in my account, Netspend blocked access to my funds because they are now saying those same documents I provided are not acceptable.

Review about: Netspend Prepaid Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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