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4 Weeks ago I went to the mobil station in my neighborhood to get cash from there atm from my netspend card. The machine printed a reciept that clearly states $0 was dispensed and $100.00 requested several minutes later I recieved a text from netspend informing me of a $100.00 debit from my card I have made several calls to netspend explaining to them that I will fax the reciept that CLEARLY stated money was not given.

Netspend instead chose to file a claim....I was told 4 weeks ago that the card would be credited within 48 hours...never happened now they are telling me this may take 45-90 days! thats ridiculous! They have CSA who speak very little english and all tell me the same thing.."it appears to us that the machine dispensed your money"...NO! I have proof right here can I fax it...no!

I even called the owner of the ATM who told me that the money would go back on the card by 5/19/12...it is now 5/25/12 no money. There IDIOTS! I have had there card for 3 years and never had issues you would think they would credit my $100.00 while they do there so called investigation.

How is this fair?? It's my money and I want it back.....I beginning to think I will never get my money back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Debit Card.

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Nashville, Tennessee, United States #850688

We are staying at the Holiday Inn Opryland Nashville Airport. On August 1 we tried to access $200 from our Credit Union Acct and a message appeared .."Transaction error", we thought it was unable to read our debit card was out of receipts or transaction reports.

The machine only returned our debit card with no receipt. We were told to wait and see if the transaction would show on our credit union terminal as most are not posted on the same date. Today I was able to get on line and view and there was a debit of $203.25!! I called the numbers listed to only receive a message on one and the other was not working.

I then called my credit union to report the issue to them. This is a Sunday and therefore will have to wait to hear from both on Monday. I know that when the debit center machines dispense money there is a log that lets them know how much was in and cashed out. So they know and they know where and when.

We do have a transaction number from our Credit union and they will deal with them. So we shall wait to see.


I looked back on my outgoing calls hope this is right 512-532-8206 they are west coast time...I think. The number is acually posted on this site somewhere...cant locate it now.

I dont know how youve been dealing with this since april....that bs...good luck. They refunded the money in 2 minutes si thay can do it just keep bugging them.


Do yo have the Ceo for Netspends number>!I would love that, i filed an issue with them at the begining of April 2012 with the exact issue and still they owe me $208 and i cant get a hold of any of them!


okay...just spoke with someone from the CEO of Netspend who was more that happy to give me a provisional credit!He said that due to the fact that I have been a costomer for 3 plus years and have direct deposit the CSA's should have immediatley given me the credit.

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