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I had my daughters benefit check sent direct deposit but it never got deposit. Its been 3 months.

I have asked for my acount to be closed and the bank will not close it. I am sick of this bull. my daughter needs her money. Thank you Barbara Frick.

now you want me to continue tell you how pissed I am. well this is a bunch of ***. she is about to be kicked out of her home becuase she not got her check. Netspend is not easier.

It is more trouble than being straight up robbed. netspend & metabank need to close my account because they are full of ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Account.

Monetary Loss: $1695.

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typed a bunch of *** and got "wrong security code... then it deletes EVERYTHING I typed!! *** ***


The answer must be that they (SSA or SSI) is withholding money for some reason. You need to call and verify the situation with Social Security and have your letters ready.

I've been with netspend three years on disability and they alert me a week before with an email when the deposits are going in. Netspend never did me wrong. P.S. never have a checking account.

There is also the green dot card by visa. good luck.


im sorry but someone is lying. i have been with netspend for many many years and have never had a problem with them depositing my son's disability or mine.


I have been with netspend for the last years and never had a problem i kno they are not perfect but sometimes it helps to get the right source :) :grin :roll


Hi Barbara. Sorry to hear that you have not gotten your deposit yet.

I had a problem like this too, but after I called SSA it turned out that they had the wrong routing and account number. Have you verified with them that they have the correct information? I do not think that they can refuse to close your account.

Have you spoken with their customer service, or has this been through email? I have been with NetSpend for years and have not had any problems with them.

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