i received a netspend mastercard today and they put my nick-name on the card this is just weird,and i really want to know how do the get my info?and i call the customer service num and got different info instead all the have is things like to active ur card check ur balance to learn more 'bout netspend and thing like that and anyone tell me how to cancel that card ???and how do they get my info ?is netspend a fraud they seem like one ,cuz most campany send a mail asking do they wantt a card or not before sending one to them

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I have been a Netspend customer for over 3 years and have had NO problems with them at all. Have had no trouble with customer service and have lost no money due to NetSpend.

I do not understand why you people are having all these troubles ??

I have had nothing but good things with this company. BUt I guess we cannot all have good luck with a company, huh??


Call the number back and when the recording comes on put in your card# then hit the #5 button for "Other Services" then you hit the #3 key (I Believe) for dispute a transaction. They will tell you to waite for the "Next Available Reprsentitive".

Then you will get a live person on the line and you can cancell it that way. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

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