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I used to file my taxes. During the process, they steered me towards a page that pretty much gave me only 2 options: either have the refund direct deposited (i couldnt do that because i didnt have my routing # available) or have it loaded onto a prepaid netspend debit card. i choose the prepaid card.

The card was received in the mail a week later. Turns out that, after i called the toll free # to activate, the netspend agent told me that in order to proceed, i had to fax them a copy of my SSN and proof of address(?!?). I told the agent that that sounded like B.S. system, so i told her to cancel my netspend acct and send me a check in the mail. She said i'd get it within 20 business days.

Well, over 30 days later and speaking to 4 more lying, incompetant agents (one of them hanged up on me, and the other one said that i should just check my mailbox once in a while), ....really???? i realize that those agents at that evil company have absolutely no intention of sending me a paper check. And the last agent, he said that my request for a paper check hasnt even been filed yet! And he asked me twice if i wanted to fax them my SSN and proof of address!!!!!

Im not wasting my time with netspend customer service anymore. I will look into hiring an atty and take their sorry lying *** to court.

Review about: Netspend Prepaid Card.

Monetary Loss: $143.

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My refund was put in netspend on the 12 of Feb i still havent got my money yet can they do that.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #814034

The Better Business Bureau has a pending case against Netspend, probably Ace as well. Let them have their fun now because they are going to get what they deserve soon enough.

Ever wondered what happened to the discontinued prepaid card companies? There you have it. They have ruined many peoples lives literally. I myself have been evicted and lost my car all due to them not activating my card so I could pay bills after I followed the procedure they required.

Are they ever satisfied? Well Ive shifted from angry to cordial and Im letting The Good Lord and the BBB deal with them because enough is enough Netspend! And they show their concern by commenting in a sincere but not sincere manner. They picked the wrong target.

They are rich off of us. I don't like being homeless, it stinks.

Austin, Texas, United States #811039

Let me know if you obtain an attorney for this, I am suffering the same *** thing and would gladly goin in a class action suit against netspend. My name is David Tingle Email


We are very sorry to hear about the problems you have experienced with your account.

In order to protect your tax refund, and make sure it is going to the correct person, we may request documentation to verify your identity.

We understand this is an inconvenience, but it is in your benefit.

We want to make sure you receive your funds as quickly as possible.

Please send your information to and we will be happy to look into this for you.

Thank you,


to NetSpend2013 Austin, Texas, United States #811040

Bull Net spend is purposely withholding peoples tax refunds, it is a prepaid card, not a credit card and was set up for us by TurboTax for the purpose of getting our tax refunds your Identity scam is a fraud upon us to allow you to hold the money to draw interest off of.

There is nothing easy about confirming our identity when you refuse to accept any document that proves our identity. *** I could send you a DNA test saying I am who I say I am and you would still claim it does not prove my identity.

to NetSpend2013 Bay Shore, New York, United States #839986

Your a bunch of theives. You even steal compensation checks from disabled vets! How loutw can you scumbagz go??¿ do you have any soul or compassion?

to optitom #1400082

your right. i have 30.00 on my netspend card a month ago, and they wouldnt activate it.

i have been a citizen for 48 years, and they wont let me make a simple online purchase. i dont understand. i sent them my id, and soc.

sec. number, and still havent received a check in that amt.

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