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i have had netspend for a while now and they are not the the cheapest but i wasnt expecting great deals with a prepaid card. well first my card was stolen and i filed a claim, about 65 dollars was gone and i was told i would recieve more info in the mail about mu dispute.

i never did and about 2 weeks later it was used again and they were the same transactions. i called customer service ( by the way seem like they dont know how to hire people who can speak clear english. its like talking to a wall) i stated i filed a claim and my card was used again, she stated they have to investigate and would get back to me. no call nor mail from them in regards to my claim.

but they refunded the 2nd transactions i reported. i found out who actually stole my card and when i called to see if i could press charges the rude non english speaking chick stated that they had refunded my money and " didnt you notice the money back on your account, you used it? " rude!!!!! she stated that because they refunded my money that was that, so i got nothing for the 1st transactions and i only got half of the second and i cant press charges...

ok thats that and besides that they charge you for every thing is rediculous. 50 cent to check your balance on the phone, plus the atm fee, 4.50 to transfer money over the phone ect. well on thursday i signed my card up to recieve direct deposit for my unemployment. according to the state is was deposited friday at midnight.

so now its saturday and i call they state no deposits are done on weekends ugh!!!! i was deposited on friday, now i have to wait until monday. and to top it all off their customer service center stops taking calls at 10pm. who does that now adays who isnt open 24hrs a day.

so if u need help after hours your screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! save you money and maybe a walmart prepaid card will be better than this

Monetary Loss: $90.

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We are very sorry to hear about your poor experience with our service.

It appears that there may be a few issues that we can definitely correct for you. Please contact us at and we will make sure that this is addressed.

Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. We hope the problems you have experienced will not bear any reflection on our company and the services we provide.

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