net spend f'n sux...i dropped a load of money on the card and my balance got down to 346 bux and i left to go out of town...the next day i was getting ready to leave to make my way back home i stop to get gas they deny the card so i jumped online from my phone to check my balance it said 0 so i called them that night they said theres nothing they can do so i have to call back the next day so i was stranded and had to sleep in my car til the next day then i called again and spoke to 6 different reps who couldnt help me out as to why 346 bux was debited from my accound with no transaction code or authorization code so i had to get some friends to drive 2hrs to come get me and all net spend kept telling me was to go back to the store i loaded the card at so my 3rd trip there i finally talked to the manager an he spoke with net spend and they told him that they recieved an email from the gas station corprate office to debit my account and he said thats bs because they would have told him about it then he asked whats the name on the email and they claimed that they cant give out that information so now i have to wait til monday to see what happens and after this i will never deal with them sorry *** again! netspend *** sux!

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Account.

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