So I had slight through an old employer. I over drafted on that skylight.

And was laid off of work. A year later I buy a netspend card at the dollar store. PREPAID! I load $300 to pay some bills.

I get home and try to activate it. It won't allow me. So I get transfered to Suzy from PAKISTAN. She asks if u ever had skylight.

I said yes, about a year ago . Well you owe them $120. Ok! What does that have to do with NETSPEND?

well they are now connected. I couldn't change the name on the card now. I old bot get a refund. They made me pay $131 to be exact.

I was told if you don't pay it you lose your $300 anyway because you can't do anything g with the card. Are you freaking kidding me!! Shouldn't that just have been sent to collection? How am I going to be forced to pay something or have all my money taken.

This has got to be illegal. Who the *** are they. I'm so Pisces at corporate america. And they transfer all the jobs over seas.

No wonder everyone hates the banks and the government.

It's BS. Just the little man trying to get by gets screwed.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1191375

vote for trump and end the banks and government stranglehold


We apologize for the problems you have experienced with our service.

You new card should not be affected by the balance on your Skylight account. Please send your information to feedback@netspend.com and we will make sure this is addressed.

Thank you,


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