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I had just gotten a new job that required me to have my own account instead of there card. So i went online to look and netspend had good reviews so I thought so i went with them.

So was waiting for my card in the mail it never came however my first deposit did. So i call netspend and got this woman she kept asking for my social security number but when i enter it with the automated system my number wasn't on file but she need it to prove my account. I didnt give it to her, but she told me my card came and was activate. I inform her that i never received it and to cancle it but she couldn't tell me when or how the card was activate.

So i hung up with her and call back and i got the same person. Never since i been old anough to call customer service have i gotten the same person. She told me i can pay 25 dollars to get my new card sent over night.

Frustrated i hung up and call back the next day. When i call back the next day surprise same person different name i recognize the voice but this time i call because sprint which is a well known phone company tried to get the money to pay my phone bill was rejected when i told her she said they dont have a contract with them but they she still wanted that social security number so when i finally was connected to her supervisior which had me on hold for 30 mins he told me my card was activate 5 days after i order it but it takes 7 to 10 business days so i ignored it then he told me i can only get my money through another netspend account, so when i told him that i was going to get one he told me i had to wait so they can approve it because a store bought card isn't safe....right

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