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This the email stating actual and true facts and I did offer to provide to them actual documented proof from physicians. I am now convinced that even the executives do not have the personal skills to understand their actions are cause one of their customers to not only go hungry, but also lose their life over $426.00 that is owned to us that would enable me & my family to eat and allow me the ability to purchase my heart and lung medications to keep them going into complete failure. My injuries from my accident has caused my respiratory system and heart to just down and quit without warning. The only reason I was able to be revived and taken off life support just over the last 12 mths with me on life support 9 times just in that time frame-having the meds in my system that allow the organs to try at least now imagine the chances of reviving me while no nourishment and those medications out of my system. I ask you and every one to pass this along in hopes some one since have been unable, someone will see this who has the power to help me at least get back immediately the 425$ we need, wont fix it all since I have been medically pushed backwards but it all we have in our whole lives! Every one and any one I have not still eaten nor taken meds,?Im very sick by chest pains and my irregular heart beating and sending me into severe congestive heart failure adding to the lung damages already causing me to struggle with my breathing so If my lungs are also filled with fluid-tell me what chance I have! I have 5 kids, 3 very young ones that I Have not been allowed to spend time with in fears I will die in fron of them and that we have no food at all. I now am setting aside my humiliation to beg any and out there to help me regain my only chance at even with that small about we have to chose the most important ways to spend it when its not even to tolls correct the damages that they are responsible for. Im writing this bedridden due weakness and as warned, physically feeling my body shutting down. Here is my phone number. And if you help send to some again and keep sending until it gets to the right person. The end of my life is Gods call, not the Net-spend Corporation and if some thing happens to me, please keep pushing for my husband and children. 9186654987. mrskingsbury@ Call, test email just anything to help me plz!!! Below is the email I have sent to the executives even as my last resort. As I am declining at a rapid pace that if not fixed by bedtime, none of us expect me to wake up tomorrow. Again we have medical documents to prove all of this. I beg someone to help me!!

The email sent to executives

Being unable to reach you or any other executives, With desperation so much larger than any words could define, I decided after praying once more to email you in hopes you or someone else in the NetSpend Corporation has a soul. A couple of years ago I was involved in a near fatal accident, after being transferred to a few other advanced medical facilities in other states only to continue trying to win against the damages to both lungs, both pulmonary arteries and my heart, being nonstop told that it was above any and all medical treatments that they are equipped to try. I have been off and on life support a total of nine times in a 12 mth time frame. I am currently at home but required to stay on oxygen, nebulized medications every 4 hours to keep my airway open, I also take continuous and large amounts of heart and lung medications that all together is the only thing keeping me here. A few weeks ago, (I have a terrible time trying to sort times) after receiving a phone call from my family, while we were having to move again due to having no insurance at the time of my accident and after losing not only over a million of our own hard earned money but also every materialistic item we ever had down to our couch, spoon and my young childrens toys. We were moving the clothes we had to the home of a christian friend who blessed us the ability to stay there. I had answered my sisters phone call only to drop down to my knees hearing the shocking news that my mother, my only parent ever had just been diagnosed with a very aggressive type of breast cancer because it had already spread to other areas of her body. The news upset me of course, but it altered my breathing pattern until we found me once more struggling to breath. An ambulance was called and they with their lights and sirens running, rushed me into the emergency room where after stabilizing me, admitted me to ICU for observation. At that time all the funding we had to our name was a little over 400$ on our NetSpend card. Learning once more I would be released if only if I would start back on my routine medications but fill the prescriptions of steroids ect. that I would have upon my release. I at that moment remembered that Cox communication was due to draft that NetSpend card anytime for my mtly bill. Right then I called Cox customer service and not only asked but begged and demanded that they NOT draft that card regardless, the next call I made was to NetSpend customer service trying as sick as I was to get them to understand my English language because unfortunately for me was I had ever learned to speak, having at that moment which was very clear, a communication problem due to a language barrier. I repeated myself beyond exhaustion and asked for a supervisor to assist and serve as a second person to hear my words of DO NOT push through a draft if attempted by Cox Communications in any amount and explained that every dime on my card was the only amount we would have available to us to buy my medications and our food for a month. I at that time went home, husband goes to fill prescriptions only to have card decline. He comes home, I research and discovered that against my every call and plead Cox drafted and your company pushed through the debit to our card leaving us penniless. First I called Cox for a refund, I was directed to NetSpend from them, advised that it would be faster for me to dispute the transaction with you and they apologized and we hung up. I called Netspend Customer service begging & pleading to help me file a dispute and after hearing the time it took to receive my funds back, I was told to fill out an urgency form from your site and return, that took me ten minutes only because I knew I had no time to waste. Multiple times over the next couple of days I would follow up with them and also, unable to know how to access my "secure inbox" I would not only ask how to for the future only to be told that was not their department & they were unable to transfer me to that dept. I would ask the rep. To read my message to me, each time I would immediately do as requested every thing required by them on my end only to receive another message at 3:20AM this morning after we educated ourselves on how to access it just last night, I was told I had failed at providing them with an explanation ect. They needed to rush this dispute. That was more than insulting because not only with my multiple calls asking of any and all things still required by me that was needed to tell me so I may do it right then. Several times a day for 5 days I was told that every thing was completed and the amount was to be credited to my card on Jan 11, 2016 at 5:00PM. As Jan 11 for me was the forever that I may not get to wait. I was not only unable to still get my prescriptions filled, but I also had ran out of my routine medications, no money to go to three Dr's appointments, and we had no food left. With exhaustion, desperation and weakness starting to take over me very fast, and being on our first full day of no food in us, I started calling NetSpend several times a day begging past the point of humiliation but knowing to save my life I had no other option. I begged the reps, the supervisors and anyone else on your end I could get to try to have a soul and even release 50$, 100$, anything to help me be able to have a chance to live! Again, I even told them we received a scheduled direct deposit mtly on the third Wed of that month from husbands Social Security and if all went bad, they could take back their 50$, 100$ then. So back to being forced to beg a church for a meal, and start suffering from my heart going back into failure, and having to constantly struggle with breathing to the point of being bed ridden until either I passed in my sleep or if EMS could bring me back again. At the exact moment when the funds as were promised to deposit, instead of money, we receive another inbox message requiring a very weak and sick me to have to call again and beg. I was told after multiple times making sure and being assured that everything on my end had been done, I had failed at turning in required documents. I started calling executives to take one more chance to beg you, to understand I am sick sir, me and my husband are hungry sir, I am dying faster than I should due to your company. There is no amount of justice or fairness in that at all. I know you hear problems every day from people, even to the point I may even blend in with them, but sir, I am attaching a photo to prove to you I am honest and have not meant to bug or be gripey to your agents but I have little kids to live for, a mother battling cancer to live for and though it appears that you all are a corporation that have been trained to function as robots can not feel my desperation to live still even all I have fought through, to try to not make it this far only to allow those robots to take away my chance because in my life sir, God makes those calls not your company. I need yours or someones help right now please, I am too sick and weak to try to fill out yet more documents, yet call more times and beg to no avail, I just need someone out there to try to see the world out of my eyes and not take away my life!

Please sir? Time is now plz, we are going into day 3 of not a bit of food in our bodies, no meds and no money to go to the Dr only to be put back in the hospital because of what would appear to be we can not take care of ourselves and the state to be called in and force me to spend what time I have left in an acute facility away from my family. Please again, your corporation has and is having a very devastating impact on our lives. Why is a little over $400 that important for a multi million dollar company to protect so hard that you would allow it to not just destroy but end someones life. Do you have a family? either way, you understand that you are not just making us suffer but when I pass from this, you all are impacting even children's lives by taking away their fair right in this world by having a mother instead of costing them their innocence by them having to not only due without their mom but bury her, but embed undue grieving in their lives when they should spend that time being as happy and normal as possible. I am sorry to sound redundant but going through college studying psychology and then having to go through just even the emotional side of what you all have put us through, is so inhumane on so many levels.

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