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Car rental with NetSpend posted for $175.00 on hold for rental. I called rental company to extend rental three days.

They added another $298.00 to the hold. When the car was returned my Netspend account was charged and deducted $403.00. - $175.00 from the hold area and the other $228.00 from available funds. The $298.00 according to Netspend started a new contract with the rental company and couldn't be released with out the other closing contract that does not exsist.

So the $298.00 stays on hold 90 days paying Netspend interest.

Netspend incompetent or poor customer service? Both!

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Account.

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You can also contact the CEO of Netspend Dan Henry@ 512-532-8200 Ex. 8780 or his personal assistaint Shannon Carol @ 512-531-8786 or 913-832-4253.

I will be contacting him.

The Better Business Bureau, the OCT and my states Att.

General. I recommend everyone do the same!

Denver, North Carolina, United States #61312

Went to put gas in my car 35.00 Netspend charge 85.00. I called they said the gas co.

hold the 50.00 for (3) days.

and then put it back in your acct. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i had that asame problem before but i do understand why they put it on hold every financial institutions have proper procedure on how to release a transaction.if you cant provide proper documentation then we have to wait for auto release.netspend is not a credit card.the reason why they need to put the money on hold because they need to make sure that the car rental company wil not collect the transaction.

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