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Both my checking and savings account have been have been cleaned out!!! I immediately contacted them!!!

An unauthorized account transfer often referred to as a P2P was sent to someone named Julie White. To make matters even worse, my savings account was zeroed out as well, with no explanation at all. I asked her how someone could access my access codes and she just said, " it will be reviewed and we will be in touch." That's it, that's all the response I received. I've been with them for 5 years.

I've never had a problem ever before!!! I then asked her how long before I receive my funds back, I'm thinking 48 hours max... She response with, " it will be reviewed to see who is at fault," how is this happening to me? I don't understand how I can have $4700 go missing?

She gave me a claim number, which she had to repeat to me three times, cause she barely spoke English!!!! I have like $80 to my name, hoping to find answers, I googled the problem and I was SHOCKED to find thousands of complaints about Netspend!!!!! How can the government allow this problem to continue? This isn't just the past 6 months,it's been going in for several years, people have lost everything due to this scam of a company!!!

I have two questions 1. Why hasn't this been on national news? 2. Why is the government still allowing them to be in business??

This is a very sad day for me... I'm broke and I have two kids to feed!! Never mind the fact after reading all the overwhelming negative complaints of thousands of Americans that have been robbed of THEIR money... Never to see it again...

I'm not very confident that I will ever see MY hard earned money again either... Please whoever reads these complaints... I beg you to stop this company!!!! It's not fair to sit back and allow hard working Americans to be cheated!!!

Never mind the fact that thousands of disabled veterans and retirees are being taken advantage of!!! I promise you if I don't have my money back into my account by Wednesday 3/19/14... I will do everything in my power to bring down Netspend. I promise you this, I will have NO problem gaining support from every state in this country.

I'm in the process right now of designing flyers to hand out at every tax place in my home town!!! I will dedicate every free minute I have to shutting them down!!!!

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Peoria, Arizona, United States #1201227

I am going thru the same depressing situation right now


My husband and I were thinking of using this card but not now after all I have been reading. I feel bad for all you that were scammed and I do hope you get the justice you are seeking. I urge you all to check into things before trusting anyone these days.


I was ripped off too on a p2p transfer myself. The money was replaced in two days and then they blocked my account the same day my new card came in the mail and I have had nothing but a run around from them.

My money came up missing the day after I ordered a replacement card. I believe it was an inside job with there fabulous customer service department in the Philippines. Also I believe the company is floating some type of Madoff scheme. Meaning they are holding onto money because there liabilities are greater than there cash on hand.

I am going to my local FBI and doing a report with the White Collar crime division on this company. There are too many similar stories here on this site alone that suggest what my gut tells me. This company is rouge. I am also doing a report with OIG and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, FTC etc.

I am also working on writing a letter to my Senator and Congressman outlining all of my grief. I am also getting my cell records mailed to me to prove the absurd amount of time I have spent on the phone with them.

I am also doing a complaint with Visa for them violating Visa's zero liability clause by not allowing me access to funds while the fraud is being investigated. They put a block on my account and denied me access to my returned funds.

I will be re-posting here soon.

I plan on doing a netspend fraud face book page and a online petition on in regards to Netspend and other prepaid cards requesting a investigation into to this company. When I have all my reports filed I plan on sending out my story to local media outlets and send it to 60 minutes, Dateline and 48 hours etc and CNBC.

I am also going to look into filing a complaint with the SEC about there rouge business practices and hope they will look into there books. I won't stop until I am refunded in full.

Once all this is complete and I compile more stories from other people ripped off I am filing a suit in small claims court. Already done the leg work on that and my law student friend vowed to help me.

Sincerely, Gary PS look back for my Netspend ripoff Facebook page for us to connect. Maybe we can also get a new class action suit going or join a current one.


Texas has a class action lawsuit already. I'm not sure if it's been resolved or not.

Arlington, Texas, United States #817380

You think we can get together and stay a class action lawsuit .I am contacting an attorney tomorrow

New Braunfels, Texas, United States #802700

I feel your pain, I was robbed as well by Netspend. A P2P transaction to a Crystal McRae on payday so you know I lost a lot of my money from the "checking" account.

I have been a customer for 3 plus yrs. Well no more after today, but problem is what other prepaid card is there to be trusted now? I don't have good enough credit to get an in town checking or savings account.

What a mess!

:( :cry :( :cry :( :cry :( :cry

to Kat #900858



We apologize for the problems you have experienced with the unauthorized transfer on your account.

We are glad to see that this has been addressed, but please feel free to contact us at should you have any other concerns.

Thank you,


Atlanta, Georgia, United States #796152

OMG Ms. Melissa this is the same thing that happened to my mother.

There was an unauthorized transaction taking 1200 out of her account on Thursday of last week and today the funds were suppose to resume but she called and Netspend told her the money wont be back on her card until the 27th which will put her broke until then. This whole company is RI-***-diculous and I am soo with you in the efforts of shutting them down.

to KAY Ocala, Florida, United States #796222

I'll be shocked if your mother receives her money back. I've read thousands of complaints from people in similar situations that are promised refunds and it never happens.

I don't understand why that haven't been shut down. How can our government allow this company to keep stealing from us?

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