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I sent Netspend everything they requested. They let a company steal 2400.27 from me. Took from Oct 7 2016 for the dispute department to say they where not getting my money back. Was told that on Dec 27 2016 I would receive email updating claim before 5:00pm haven't gotten email Also Was told on Dec 27 2016 around 9:30 am money would be back on card By a supervisor named Clark. From date of filing claim on Oct 7 2016 was told so many different...
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anonymous Ive been a customer of Netspend for 3+yrs, I must say i can't believe some of the complaints Im reading. Has it been 100% fabulous...No however, its not a "Credit Card" its a ...

I've had similar experience with netspend. I use my account for savings mostly because I'm paid cash in my business. On Sept 26,2016 I tried to use my card online and it was declined. I got online to look at my account and found multiple charges from someone overseas. In late June of 2016 I was notified via Google that my account was hacked from India so I changed all my passwords. I never thought that my ace card was linked to my Gmail.. I...
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Traci After being contacted by the company who has once again assured me that the check was sent on Friday Oct 14th from Austin, TX. I live outside of Houston, TX. It's been almost ...


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Thank you for the feedback. We regret to hear your account is now closed. We would be happy to address any questions you have regarding your account. Please email so...