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I called to have my card blocked due to an unauthorized payment. To my surprise the card was not blocked so the next day that same merchant was able to sucessfully take money from my card again.

This left me in a very bad financial situation since my savings account had money that i put to the side for groceries but i did not have access to my account to transfer the funds over and even if I did, it would be going to the negative balance which should not have been there in the first place. Now my family has to wait ten days without food or cash to get by. No one at netspend seems to be taking the resposibility for the agent not blocking my card and the charges. Everyone I talk to say that my card was blocked after the transaction (which I know because it was not blocked the first time I called and asked for it to be ) I informed them that I know that because an agent that i previously spoke to blocked it when I called in the second time about this matter.

I have had one agent tell me to call the merchant and have the verify that it was not an authorized charge and at that time they could place my funds back, however that agent then put me on hold and I was re-routed back to the automated system. I then went through about five supervisors who said its not their fault as well as several agents. I literally stayed on the phone from 8 am- about 5pm going from agent to agent. I then gave up until today in which I called netspend and eventually got an agent to agree to a three way call and release funds to my account once it was verified and confirmed with the merchant.

However, it is just my luck that the merchant is closed today. I was then given the number to the dispute dept to get a temp credit but they needed to connect me with someone who was not there.

This is day #2 with no food and no one to help. I am beyond fruatrated because my family has to suffer for a mistake that their rep caused.

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