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Update by user Dec 19, 2014

Update as of Dec.19th 2014:

I received a voicemail message from someone in the dispute department at Netspend letting me know they are handling my dispute, and she left the order number of my dispute and asked me to call if I have any questions.

At the time, I wasn't sure what was going on other than yes, at least it appears someone is looking in to this. She left me her direct work number, so I was able to call her right back and she answered immediately.

I told her who I was and that she had left me a vm. She was extremely nice and very easy to understand, and what she wanted me to know is that, yes they had looked into the dispute I had raised about my account, and they had come to the conclusion that my account was indeed compromised.

She said my account would be credited the FULL amount in dispute. We talked a few moments longer, and soon after we hung up, I received a text message informing me that I am now credited the entire amount I had reported to be stolen.

I just had this happen a few days ago, and they did their jobs and investigated it, and did find in my favor.

I was skeptical this would happen, but I'm happy to report that they did this extremely quickly, and I'm glad it is resolved.

There is hope out there for others.

Believe me when I say that I completely understand the feeling you have when you realize your account has been hacked, and funds stolen. It hurts everyone, but there are so many people out there who depend on every penny, as I do, and it is a huge relief to have this put behind me. To combat this from happening again, you can take steps such as changing your passwords to anything and everything you can think of that a criminal may be able to get in to, (which is most everything) make sure you have installed the latest anti-virus checker on either your computer, or phone, or both would be even better. I'm not going to stop online shopping because of this experience.

I'm going to be proactive about it from here on out, but I'm also going to be careful.

I'm not going to let the criminal who did this to me, make me change the way I live my life, or make me feel like I can't trust anyone, or any store.I'm going to watch my things more closely, and be aware of all that could happen.

Update by user Dec 17, 2014

Oh...i forgot to add that the man I spoke to did go ahead and mark my card ad lost/stolen, but NOW I am unable to log in to my Netspend account!It needs my card number, but when I enter it, the message states "card number not found." Whaaa???

Not sure how I'm supposed to get in to my account now, and what's more is that even when I try calling them, I'm supposed to enter my card number before I can be transferred, but...when I enter it, it tells me card number not found.Argh!!

Original review posted by user Dec 17, 2014

I have been a Netspend customer for a couple of years, and before now, never had any issues.I signed up for their text message alerts, which texts my phone any time there is a purchase/transaction made on my account.

So....yesterday I was sitting in a Veterinary Clinic with my sick dog, when my phone started beeping. Oh yeah, a message alerting me that my balance is now $0.00 thanks to a purchase made at a Best Buy store in Lansing, Illinois. I live in Kansas! Once I was done at the vet clinic, I got home and immediately called Netspend.

I explained what had happened, and by this time, I was panicked and extremely upset of course. The guy I spoke to told me that they can't do ANYTHING until the merchant (Best Buy) receives the funds for this fraudulent purchase. I asked why they couldn't just block the transaction or if there was a way to reach someone at Best Buy to get more info, because st the time, this transaction was still listed as "pending." they will look into it when the $$ goes to Best Buy, and that's about all they can do. I can prove where I was and what I was doing when this activity happened, so I'm hoping that somehow they will "see the light" and refund the money back to me.

There's got to be a way to track the person down, I would think. I will update this as I receive news.

I have seen a lot of commentary about Netspend, and I've read many stories of people having a horrible experience, and no offense, but I always thought "whew!I'm glad it hasn't happened to me!" Well, now it has.

Review about: Netspend Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Pissed off with netspend i cannot get in to my account and my tax refund is in my account somebody please help me

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