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Update by user Mar 20, 2017

I refuse to let netspend take my money and close my account, I have filed a police report and I have contact with a lawyer they are gonna reimburse me my direct deposits that were deposited into my account for the two months i was away along with court fees, and all other out of pocket fees I have associated with this netspend case, there customer service representives are rude and they don't speak good English.

Original review posted by user Mar 10, 2017

Hi I've been a netspend card holder for several years and I get direct deposit of my social security benefits and child support payments directly into my account over the years ALOT of money has been taken out my account and if I didn't go online and check all of my transactions they would of gotten away with it I called them and they replaced my money but when I went to jail for almost 3 months and when I got out I contact them to cancel my card and i filed a claim and faxed them proof I was in jail and had no use of my card or account it took them 1 month for them to investagate and they denied my claim

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Poor customer service.

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My direct deposit was due yesterday, it has not showed in my account, and I cannot get in touch with them, been trying for hours, I have not had any issues until now. I need answers.

My phone bill was due yesterday,couldnt pay it because of this issue, so now my phone is off, and I had to find someone with Wi-fi. What is going on seriously people



We are sorry to hear about your dispute experience. As these reviews are anonymous, can you please send this review along with some account information to This will enable us to locate your account and assist you.

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to NetSpend2013 #1438450

I got my check last 2 weeks and now I can't get them. Like seriously this is ridiculous and when it says 2 days faster. Bs I get paid on Wednesdays and it's Tuesday and I'm still waitong

New York, New York, United States #1301271

NetSpend,RushCard,GreenDot,Vanilla Visa, they all cheat and steal from customers. If people started moving their money out in droves,they MIGHT go out of business,but here you are like millions of others leaving your very financial security in the hands of evildoers when there are alternatives.

Google and check it out. I use it and am very happy with the services.I pay NOTHING to load or use the card and in the 3 years I've had it there has never been an issue of money missing or any fraud. I hate to see people being ripped off, so I've made it a point to get this out there. American Express has been around a LONG time and their customer service is 24/7 with reps,not endless loops of automated messages.

NetSpend and others like it need to die but government isn't doing enough to combat their illegal practices. It's not hard to apply and the card comes in a week.

And subaccount cards are available for family members with their own balances to use in stores and online. That alone is a great feature for my kids.And it's all FREE.Thanks Amex!

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