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On 11/15/2017 I was at the Osage Tribal Casino in Tulsa Ok. I was attempting to get a cash advance from my recently purchased My Purpose Prepaid Visa card that I had $2700.00 loaded on.

I put the card in the ATM machine. I followed all the instructions for the $400.00  cash advance. After in input all the information into the ATM, it printed out a slip of paper. The slip of paper had the amount I was requesting on it and some other info.

It said to take this slip of paper  to the Cashier/ casino cage. The cashier has to complete the trans action from there.  I did all the before mentioned steps. When I gave the slip to the Cashier, she informed me that she could not proceed with This transaction.  She said that the Osage Casino has a policy of not doing cash advances in Temporary prepaid cards. She said that the my purpose card needed to have my name on it.

So that was it. I never got any money. The next day 11/16/2017, i looked at my account online. I saw that  415$ had been taken out of my account for the cash advance, but I never got any $ from atm or the casino.

I contacted netspend customer service and they initially told me there was nothing they could do; That it was the casino's responsibility. I then went back to the casino and filed a report with them. The Casino told me that because I did not receive any $ and. since the transaction was not completed, I needed to contact Netspend customer service again.

While I was gone trying to get this issue solved, my home caught fire and I lost almost everything. Itbwas the next day 11/17/2017 that I filed the dispute with netspend customer service. I went back to the Osage Casino and spoke with the Casino Services Manager. Her name was Amber Melton.

While I was there , Amber called and spoke with NetSpend Customer service. She told them what had happened and that I never received any $ and that the transaction was not completed. Then after not hearing anything back I was contacted by Ashley Davis, a Net Spend customer service Anaylst. I explained to her the situation and asked if she could help.

She told me to have the Osage casino manager, Amber, contact her, Then she would recommend the $ be put back into my account. Amber contacted Ms.Davis, but nothing happened. I was told by Ms.Davis that I would have to wait until 12/18/17 to find out anything. Then on Thursday 12/14/17, Ms.Davis contacted me by phone.

She told me that she had spoke with the Osage Casino Accounting manager and that she forwarded the information to the Dispute dept. She said that she was going to have them issue me the $ back into my account and thatbshe would call me back the next day, 12/15/17. I never received a call from her. I got a response from the Dispute team at 11:55 pm on 12/18/17 .

All it said was PROVISIONAL CREDIT NOT ISSUED.  That I would receive another update on Feb 2,2018. This is unacceptable. I have done nothing wrong. I did everything that In was told to do by Net Spend customer service / Dispute department.

They have been contacted by TWO REPRESENTATIVES ,OF THE OSAGE CASINO MANAGEMEN, TO VERIFY WHAT HAPPEND. I can not understand why No one will help me. Its my money that I put on the card.

I never recieved any funds from the attempted cash advance. They have been sent plenty of proof to verify this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Prepaid Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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iam going through the same exact thing, except someone stole 3100 from my netspend card at a grocery store. I was contacted by Ashley Davis whos call i missed. Now I can not get ahold of her.

to Anonymous #1583666

I believe this is a old post but if this happens again or to anyone else with Netspend or any prepaid card after u do what they ask and still get nowhere u can contact the Attorney General. explain the situation send them a copy of all and any proof u have of what happened...

Believe me no company wants the Attorney General on their *** I had a problem with bank mortgage payments and once the Attorney General was involved the problem was fixed. Most ppl don't know that one of the things the Attorney General is there for is to help with problems like these but you have to try to get the problem fixed and if u get nowhere and the company your dealing with won't do the right thing then call the Attorney General office to get things started. I've had good out comes using the Attorney General.

Just remember to keep ur cool while dealing with these company's stay respectful and I would record the conversations between u and the reps/mngr of the company I tell them I am recording the call.... Gives u more ammo to fight back with...


sue them

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