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Received a MasterCard from NetSpend for my 10 year old son!!!!!!! Tells you a lot about this company....

Run as fast as you can.... To get to a customer service rep was impossible, tried again by pressing the stolen card and got a rep very quick, all they said that they can do is block the account from an activity.......

I requested a letter from them to insure me that they received my call and that the account would be blocked since this account was issued to a minor by error, response was sorry all we can do it block the account and that notes was put in to this account..... As I stated earlier, think about this company before doing any business

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Account.

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i normally get paid on fridays but my deposit been coming on wensday today is wensday and still no money when will i get it

to sheila thomas #1536034

Any update???

Lansing, Michigan, United States #1354765

I have not got paid yet and it's 11:07pm

to Anonymous Brooklyn, New York, United States #1354823

Me either, did yours come as of now yet.

to Neesha Brooklyn, New York, United States #1354824

Can you please keep me posted if it do, I'm reading so many reviews about people not getting their money and I'm scared. The problem can't be all of our employers it's netspend.

to Neesha #1384110

Indeed! I've not had a problem till now an ive had my card for a year now..

South Gate, California, United States #1303761

My information got stolen in I haven't received any of my social security deposit back due to this matter I'm on way to be homeless.


im 11 years old and i got a netspend wtf to do :?


We sincerely apologize that your son received a card offer from us.

NetSpend works with many partners to offer consumers throughout the U.S. the benefits of our prepaid debit card. Some partners provide us with the names and addresses of customers who have consented to have their contact information shared with companies like NetSpend. In addition, NetSpend has relationships with website operators where visitors can opt-in to receive the card in response to our advertisement.

We will make sure that this does not happen again. We hope the problems you have experienced will not bear any reflection on our company and the services we provide.

Thank you,

NetSpend Corporation

to NetSpend #1384116

How about.. Um u have 1 job Netspend peeps..

.. Most of ur customers r not rich. We live from DD to DD.. We work hard an when u have most of ur utilities on auto pay every month u tend to have late fees an sometimes.

..a disconnect !

I feel u should take it upon urselves to resolve any issues, fees and/or disconnect for us since this is ur company's fault!

If u do nothing then i believe u will be losing alot of good ppl.

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