I recently received a Net Spend card and thought it would be a great card to have. I immediately signed up for Direct Deposit. Everything was fine until a Pending Transaction for a purchase that I originally made but cancelled the same day had not been released back onto my card. I contacted customer service and received this explanation as to how long money is held before being released back onto the card:

If the merchant does not collect, our system will automatically put the funds back into your available balance. The timeframe for this automatic process depends on the dollar amount and type of merchant.

"¢$199.99 or less – Returned after seven (7) days

"¢$200.00 or more – Returned after thirty (30) days

"¢Car rentals and hotel stays for any amount – Returned after thirty (30) days

My charge is $300 which is a LOT of money to have on HOLD for 30 days. I think it's sad that they get away with this and the consumer has no recourse but to wait. NEVER AGAIN!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Netspend Debit Card.

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Thats why i use a rushcard ive had it for 10 years no problems u all should look into that if u need a prepaid card without all of these problems


Netspend is the worse they hold your money for weeks but take it in secs

Bullard, Texas, United States #1346212

I have had one dispute & Ace Elite put the money on my card!I have a pending transaction now&it's a lot of money&no one had the right taking it -it's was a furniture company&they knew they weren't Suppose to take that money.I can't believe it.Dont know how I'm going to make it threw my month.Ace told me cancel my card&get another &said the money will be on my card along with my overdraft protection -I sure hope so.I will let everyone know.


A pumped 19.97 in gas .I paid at the pump .Why in the *** Netspend charged my card 55.00 dollars .Now they trying to feed me some bull about I'm only getting charge for the amount I pump.Meanwhile I have to wait for the pending transaction to get the rest of my money back .This is crazy as ***. I will never use this card again once I'm done .They have been ripping me off all this time .So happen I notice it this time .Never again!!!!


I'm going through this now with them did you get the finds back at 30 days?


Why would you require Netspend to have a person compose an original, unique and perfectly written response to each and every complaint on the web? Just to coddle some bizarre desire to be hugged and held to make butthurt go away? As a netspend user I resent that my rates would go up just to employ people to do this- especially when the complaints are by customers who seem to have little experience with credit and debit cards in the first place.

to Anonymous #1107182

Thank you for commenting on my post from back in 2012. Your opinion really matters to me.

I will sleep so much better tonight knowing how YOU feel. And just so YOU know, I did get MY money released within a few days once I provided documentation showing the cancelled transaction. Not 30 days as I was originally told. I guess I had enough experience to speak to a supervisor who was willing to assist me with that process.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

San Diego, California, United States #1107144

These are standard practices with Visa.

San Diego, California, United States #1107140

You are bashing netspend for something that you initiated and is standard industry practice? Not a valid complaint IMO.

to Batvette #1107190

Well the supervisor that I spoke to when I called back thought my complaint WAS valid way back in 2012 and proceeded to assist me. My funds were released within a few days after I provided documentation of the cancelled transaction.

Not 30 days.

I'm sure your opinion is valid..somewhere else but thank you anyway. Gave a wonderful day!


I had the same problem, but I have pending charges from a hotel, the customer service rep told me to get the hotel to fax over verification that they had been paid in full and they would immediately release the pending charges (over $200). I did this the same day I was told this now they are telling me sorry now you have to wait 4-6 business hours and now it's the weekend and there is no one here that can release your funds you have to wait a couple of more days until Monday now! I did ask if I have get interest on my money that they are holding hostage but got no reply.


I also used Netspend since 2010

I ordered a bike via Walmart using the card. Walmart cancelled the order because they were out of stock. Ok like the previous person I too found out that I have to wait 7 days. Why! It didnt take 7 days to cancel this order nor 7 days to deposit my money.Then the next evening the same *** thing happen when I signed up with Netflix. Netspend rejected a 7.99 charge and I have more than enough in my account now again its another 7 day pending charge and why? I called Netspend they say its for my protection they are HOLDING my funds. Walmart doesn't have it I talked with their financial dept the day after they cancelled the order.Oh it's just floating in the electronic ether. No that's BS they have my money holding it and using it for 7 days without my consent.

People spread the word, "DON'T USE NETSPEND!!!!!"

I'm going to tell every person I know (and I know a lot of people) to either cancel their account or don't sign up with them and I hope Netspend is online reading this. READ MT ELECTRONIC LIPS "I'm fed up with banks online and otherwise giving good customers the shaft and lame SOP bull leaving (me) the customer to just take it and get over it. People go somewhere else Amex has a better debit card.Plus they offer other AMEX benefits. Yes Netspend you have awaken the sleeper and a pissed one at that!!!!


Try to think about it though, Bryan... A company looking to improve might have to look for complaints to understand what needs fixing.

NetSpend is a total joke as far as I'm concerned. Maybe reading these will help them not suck so hard at prepaid cards.


Why would netspend rep be on this site. Fix this problem for the customer and quit surfing the web for complaints about your company


We understand your concern regarding the timeframe it takes to release a pending transaction.

We know this can be a frustrating situation and we can accept documents from the merchant, in some cases, to release these holds sooner.

Please send your information to feedback@netspend.com and we will be happy to assist you with this.

If there is anything else we can do to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or call customer service at 1-86-NetSpend (1-866-387-7363).

Thank you,

NetSpend Corporation

to NetSpend #624089

Why is it everytime I see someone type from Netspend it always reads the same , is it just a bunch of robots there? or is it all of the poor english skills so you use scripts?

to NetSpend #1014198

Net spend be doing a bunch of scam *** lying....

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