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ok so I recived my netspend card almost 60 days ago whe I call netspend about my refund thay have absolutely no asnwers such as were are my taxes wen are they coming did an outside company take them? nothing.

so to me there job is to get my taxes on this card that's it. its been two m onths and each month they charge me five dollars so im going to be negative ten dollars the end of this week. the way I see it is they are not doing there job and now they want me to pay them for it? that's like me calling papa ginoes to place an order n them telling me it costs five bucks for them to place an order.

these people are scam artist so I called to cancel the card cause im just so fed up with these people all they did was send me a piece of plastic n said ok gimme money. I will die before netspend receives one penny from me if my refund ever goes on there I will immediately withdraw everything then they can chase me for there five dollars they way ive been chasing them these people do not provide a service at all.

what they do is take your money and that's it I called to cancel the card after screaming at the lady for 40 minutes she said she was connecting me an hour n a half later im still on hold I had to hang up cause I had tp go to work its insane my advice is just get the paper check it might take a lil longer but at least youll get it netspend cant hold it over your head and make you beg for it then. netspend should be ashamed the way they treat American citizens I have a family n work 3 jobs I just want wats mine and netspend is essential stealing it from me I hope all there eployyees go to jail with all the other thieves and extortionists you would think we were in communist china the way these ppl talk to you like your just another number I know drug dealers with more honor and honesty then netspend hope they go bankrupt in the most public and embarresing way

Reason of review: all of the above non payment lying stealing.

Monetary Loss: $1489.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Mishandling of funds.

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