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Started direct deposit with Netspend, tried to pay my bills and they won't pay them inside of 15 days. They pay my bills late every month so now I have late payments on my credit report including late fees because Netspend choose to hold my money to gain more interest on their end.

They also refuse to pay bills with a PO Box address, so that you can be charged $10 to pay by Money Gram.

The Customer service is designed to give you the runaround, your complaint is elevated to a so-called higher level and to never be heard from again until you call back and by that time your complaint is forgotten about, and you have to start all over again. Because of my numerous complaints they have now chosen to not post my direct deposits on time holding it back for an extra 3 - 4 days.

I am told by a consumer advocate that I should file any complaints with the FDIC at , and copy the BBB at

The CEO of Netspend Dan Henry is scheming and pocketing over $10 Million a year off the backs of hardworking Americans that were already taken advantage of by the vultures in the conventional banking sector.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I've gone in complete circles over getting Netspend to HONOR THEIR BILLPAY GUARANTEE AS WELL..

In all their replies it is a different excuse each time, the latest being "the post office delayed it not our fault"

They've literally paved their own way to make this one heck of an easy FDIC, FTC, and BBB resolution in my favor given the massive amount of documentation that I have retained and printed, along with their haphazard & condescending replies via email.

For two months I have been arguing and now I am done. They'll be paying a hefty fee for the small claim in court as well as whatever the other entities do for DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICES, FAILURE TO HONOR THEIR OWN PAYMENT GUARANTEE, AND FALSE ADVERTISING.

Amazing how it is in writing as to the "FOR RECIPT BY" date and then when it did not, it was everything from me not executing it on time, it needs 3-4 days to process, it needs 4-5 days for receipt, and that for receipt by date is just an estimate. Well - I know English not like these idiots and as long as I have used their billpay, this is the first time I've had the issue only to be given evey excuse under the sun instead of crediting the GUARANTEED LATE FEE REBURSEMENT. By their logic, I apparently must initiate a $800 bill pay 3 weeks in advance when I don't even get paid yet - which would obviously not process - and their response to that is I need to ensure I have "more funds"!!!

Already looking forward to this easy battle & totally will enjoy the egg on their faces for having to spend thousands in court and fees versus a simple $50 credit for their guaranteed "payment on time". WHAT A CROCK!!!

I truly feel for ya - and yeah I've already sent my direct deposit to a REAL BANK not this kangaroo bank!!

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #697425

Please let me know how this turns out. If you need me for a witness or some documents let me know as I plan to take them to court also.


We understand that your bill payments are not reaching their destination in time.

We would appreciate the opportunity to assist you with this and request that you send your information to

We will make sure this is addressed as soon as possible.

Thank you,


Terre Haute, Indiana, United States #598016
Why, oh why do people not bank with their local banks with their on-line services? The closest I'd come to banking with an on-line like this is to do it with Paypal, and maybe not even them.

I've had zero trouble with my local bank's mobile or on-line banking. :?

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