I recently tried the netspend card and got my part time job check deposited on the card and it worked the first week and i have yet to received my other checks? anyone else have this problem and if so what did you do?? ive been seen that my company deposited the funds but have yet to received it i'm getting anxious and upset i wish i never would have tried their card because ive had nothing but trouble and their customer service sucks and since i work for a tax company they think i'm asking about my refund check which is not the case i work for a tax place freakin jerks!!

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I usually get paid Tuesdays at 8:36pm, so when I get to work and open my email I see a letter from HR saying that payroll will be delayed not sure when it will hit your account. For some of us maybe it's not NetSpend but if your company uses The payroll outsource company ADP, because a few of my friends said they had same issue with their pay being delayed from a day to 5 days, and all their employers use ADP


Same problem


My boyfriend was supposed to have gotten paid yesterday and still nothing. This is bull


Same problem here.I still need to receive my paycheck and usually comes in every wednesday after 3:36pm, 8:37pm or 9:06pm.

Today still nothing after 3:36pm.More and more often later in the evening


Has anyone received a payroll deposit today


my deposit is a day late.. I so done with this company


What the *** netspend I'm supposed to get paid today usually get paid last night at 10:30 pm and it's currently 6:23am and still no money so what the *** netspend where's my money at


I get paid on the 15th and last day of the month.I'm military so it's like clockwork.

I usually get paid on the 9th at 1... today is the 10th and it's after 5, still no direct deposit. On top of that my pay stub reads the pay date as being the 13th because the 15th falls on a Sunday. Not happy.

I called. He says there's no deposit and once they receive my deposit it will be available and I will receive a text. No help. I'm not feeling it at all.

I've been with netspend for a year and haven't had an issue.After reading this post all the way to July I see it may be time to move on


My money was deposited from the company I work for on Friday.They send me a receipt every time they deposit funds.

In the year that I have worked with this company deposits are made either Tuesdays or Fridays. I get my DD promptly at 10:05pm on Tuesdays and at the same time Sunday night. It's now 1am, Monday morning, Columbus day. My DD has not hit, probably due to a bank holiday tomorrow.

Why the *** was it not deposited earlier, if it was sent to the bank on Friday?Looks like I have to wait until Tuesday night.


I’m definitely not dealing with Netspend anymore.This *** is stupid!

I can’t even pay my *** rent because of how slow they are!It’s definetly not up to 2 days faster!

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