I recently tried the netspend card and got my part time job check deposited on the card and it worked the first week and i have yet to received my other checks? anyone else have this problem and if so what did you do?? ive been seen that my company deposited the funds but have yet to received it i'm getting anxious and upset i wish i never would have tried their card because ive had nothing but trouble and their customer service sucks and since i work for a tax company they think i'm asking about my refund check which is not the case i work for a tax place freakin jerks!!


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Still waiting on mine, in less then 2 hrs it's my normal payday!!


I’m Sick Of Gettin My Direct Deposit On Different Day & Times Every Time I Get Paid I Have Yet To Recieve My Paycheck! And I Usually Get It Wednesday! WHERES MY MONEYYYYYY

to Tiffany VeryPissed #1450234

Did you get it?


I usually get my direct deposit by 12:15ish every other Tuesday. It’s now 4:41 and still haven’t received

to Ebonywilburn #1446686

Did you ever get it?


I always get my direct deposit at 1pm on Tuesday but it’s tuesday at 5 pm and I have yet to see my check

to Anonymous #1442018

Same here

to Anonymous #1446688

Did you ever get it ?


I have not yet gotten my renund would it be midnight Sunday at 12am when it Ne come Monday are what IRS have sent it all *** ready I won't

to Contrina moore #1437670

They don’t deposit on weekends and yes u should’ve received yours by now depending on when you filed but the IRS says give them to 2/27


I was told my money was processed and released yesterday and still nothing

to Anonymous #1437673

Keep calling!!


I was suppose to get my refund deposited in my netspend card on fed 22 and nothing yet ,I've called my answer are not answered ,,, and they say nothing in pending ,, what is going on with my money ,,

to Anonymous #1437109

This is the EXACT scenario I am in. I am relieved to see someone else with this issue.I don't know what the issue is but maybe, since we know we arent the only people its happening to,You feel a little better. I do a little.

to Anonymous #1437548

Same here...i wonder what's going on....

to Anonymous #1437619

Me too then they told it will be not be available until a whole 10 days after the fact I will never use them again

to Anonymous #1437671

Idk if Netspend and Ace Elite for the same but I called the IRS first to make sure they sent my money then I kept calling them and telling I haven’t received my money yet and it’s on their end ...they kept saying we will send you a text alert once it’s depostied into your account. I received it the next day


It's called lawyer! I'm a vet


I better get my deposit soon. Dont *** with veterans not a good thing! Been given the run around!


Its been two days since i was supposed to recieve my money and nothing.Customer service wants a tracing number so im stuck, flat broke waiting to speak with my employer.

This isnt the first time ive had problems with netspend but it will be the last.Im never using netspend again.

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